The Five Best Longboard Decks for a Sturdy and Stylish Ride

Meta description: If you’re into longboarding but want to try a different type, then you’ll need the right deck. Read this review to discover the five best longboard decks.

Skateboarders who are interested in longboarding will need to invest in a new deck and set of trucks. Longboarding is done on decks much longer than skateboard decks, and the sport is different as well. The best longboard decks can help riders do tricks, but their designs are mainly for speed. Many riders use their longboards to commute to work or school as well.

Longboard Deck FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about longboard decks. 

1. What is a Longboard Deck?

The deck of a longboard, or skateboard for that matter, is the part of the complete board on which a rider stands. Most of them consist of plywood from a variety of woods, including:

  • Bamboo
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Koa
  • Oak

However, decks are also a combination of carbon fiber or fiberglass to add some stiffness to them. Although flexibility is important, the deck needs stability too, so that is they contain carbon fiber or fiberglass with woods that have a higher degree of flexibility. 

Each deck has layers of plywood and other materials that are about two millimeters thick, so they make most decks about half an inch thick. In general, longboards range from 22 to 60-inches long.

2. What Shapes are Longboard Decks?

The shape of a longboard will determine the style of longboarding the rider does because the forms give the deck the ability to turn, do tricks, or go as fast as possible. While shopping for longboards, buyers will discover several shapes not found in the world of skateboarding. 

Along with the various shapes, the decks will also have different abilities due to the materials designers use for them. Longboard shapes include:

  • Pintail
  • Fishtail
  • Blunt 
  • Mini Cruiser 
  • Twin 
  • Cutout 
  • Drop Down 
  • Speedboard 

3. What are the Types of Longboard Riding?

Many types of longboarding exist, from cruising the streets or sidewalks for commuting to running at high speeds downhill for carving or racing. The kinds of longboarding that skaters can choose from include:

  • Cruising
  • Carving
  • Freestyling
  • Freeriding
  • Dance
  • Downhill

Most types of longboarding require different deck styles for speed, durability, flexibility, and stiffness. 

4. Which Trucks do Longboards Need? 

Two sets of trucks are necessary to attach to a deck to create a longboard and ride it. The trucks are the part that the connects the wheels to the deck. Longboards usually have a reverse kingpin truck to make the board easier to ride. Longboard decks cannot be mounted to skateboard trucks as they maneuver differently and would make a longboard unstable.

How We Reviewed

To find the best decks for longboards, we researched longboards and the types of riding them to understand the sport better. We then did research on longboard deck brands, as well as read the reviews and testimonials from users, to come up with our list of the best decks.

Overall Price Range of Longboard Decks

The prices of the decks for longboards cost anywhere from $40 to $200.

Best Longboard Decks

After doing extensive research, here is our list of the best longboard decks for creating a custom longboard for your skating needs.

Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Longboard Deck

[amazon fields=”B075NQGJJ8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B075NQGJJ8″ value=”button”]

This beautiful deck is suitable for carving, commuting, and its available in two sizes.

Key Features

This longboard deck is from a company called Loaded Boards. It is a bamboo deck whose inspiration is from snowboards, but it is suitable for carving. The board’s performance on pavement mimics snowboard movements, but its design, Camber, sidecuts, and flex makes it perfect for carving and commuting.

Each end tapers to give the wheels’ better clearance, and its side cuts give the deck some stiffness to provide greater turning. It has a bamboo and fiberglass construction with a slightly concave design. This combination of materials gives the deck the flex a rider needs for a livelier, more responsive ride.

The deck comes in two sizes: 42-inches long with a flex rating of one and two or 38-inches with a flex of three through five. The width for both lengths is 8.5-inches, and the wheelbases are 35-inches (flex rate of one and two) or 31.5-inches (flex rate of three through five). The top of the deck has the company’s logo, while the graphics on the bottom depict fish in a tribal design in black.

Where to Buy

The Vanguard deck is available from Amazon, the Loaded Boards website, and on other websites featuring longboard decks. 

Rayne Longboards Whip Dancer Deck

[amazon fields=”B07KKPBNQW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07KKPBNQW” value=”button”]

Dancing on the deck of a longboard while its moving takes skill and nerves of steel. It is very competitive with many tournaments around the world, including a world cup.

Key Features

The Rayne Longboard dancing decks are available in three lengths: 41, 44, and 47-inches, and are 9.5-inches wide, which gives dancers plenty of space to groove. These boards are a bamboo/fiberglass combination that provides the flexibility the dancer needs for flipping the board and other dance moves, but the stiffness allows for better board control as it moves.

The decks can hold dancers up to 220 pounds depending on their lengths. The shorter boards hold the most weight, so the 41-inch deck holds 220 pounds, 44-inch holds 200, and the 47-inch withstands 190 lbs. Along with dancing, they are suitable for freestyling or freeriding. 

These boards have a blunt shape, except both ends are tapered for wheel clearance. It also has a slightly concave shape with kicktails on each end for flips and dance moves. These boards have a colorful peacock design featuring pink geometric shapes on one side and the eye of a feather on the other.

Where to Buy

Buyers can find these decks on Amazon, the Rayne Longboards website, and other sites that specialize in longboarding or skateboarding.

Fireball x Arbor Longboard Deck

[amazon fields=”B078SL25D9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B078SL25D9″ value=”button”]

Along with selling decks that riders can use to create their longboards, Fireball x Arbor also sells completes, which are completed longboards with the truck and wheels.

Key Features

This Fireball x Arbor deck has a shape for cruising, commuting, and some downhill action, which fits its name “Pocket Rocket.” The board is 27-inches long, 7.75-inches wide, and it has a small wheelbase of 14-inches. It consists of maple or a combination of seven maple and bamboo wood plies. The bamboo provides the board with more flexibility than maple allows.

It has a mild concave shape, and the designers use a clear, spray grip tape to give the rider’s stability. The top of the deck has a wood tone with the Arbor logo, and the bottom of it has graphics depicting two wolf heads, a seeing eye, and flying bat. The size of the deck is suitable for putting in a backpack after getting to your destination.

Where to Buy

Skaters who have an interest in this deck can find it at Amazon,, or the complete longboard is available at, which is the company’s website.

 Moose Drop Down Longboard Deck

[amazon fields=”B00AP5U6JK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B00AP5U6JK” value=”button”]

Key Features

Moose Decks design this drop down longboard deck that is suitable for traveling at high rates of speed downhill on paved streets. The design of the board, which has higher ends than the middle of the deck, provides stability and reduces wheel wobbles.

This deck consists of seven layers of Canadian maple, so it is durable and stiff enough for racing downhill, and the top layer consists of bamboo, which provides some flexibility to the board. While the top of the deck has a natural wood tone with an inlay of black zebra stripes and the bottom has the natural wood tone. The board is 41.5-inches long and 9.75-inches wide with a 32-inch wheelbase.

Where to Buy

The deck is available on Amazon, eBay, and through TGM Skateboards, as well as other skate and longboard suppliers.

Blank Pintail Longboard Deck

[amazon fields=”B004H32478″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B004H32478″ value=”button”]

Key Features

This blank pintail is great for cruising, carving, and it’s a good board to start beginners on who what to longboard. The decks are 40-inches in length and 9.5-inches wide. The shape of the board helps prevent wheel bite, which can toss riders from the deck and give them a severe case of road rash if they are cruising at high speeds. 

The wheelbase on this deck is 26.75-inches. This board’s construction is eight plies of Canadian Maple, which makes for a stiffer board, which is perfect for those who have never skated before or for transitioning from a skateboard. The deck is available in five colors, including:

  • Natural wood
  • Blue
  • Green 
  • Black
  • Red

The colors show on the bottom of the deck, and the top consists of grip tape which matches the other color. This deck is an affordable alternative for beginners, who can then they up to a different style and type of board when they have more experience.

Where to Buy

This deck is available on Amazon,, and other websites that specialize in selling longboards and longboard decks.

The Final Verdict

While this is a short list of the style of available longboard decks from manufacturers, they are some of the best longboard decks for riders. After researching each one and the companies that make them, along with reading the reviews and testimonials from those who own them, we conclude that the best deck is the Rayne Longboards Whip Dancer deck.

Of course, each of these decks is great for the type of longboarding they do. However, we liked the Whip Dancer because it is available in three sizes and they allow dance skaters who want to perform tricks to do so with the slight kicktail at either end of the board. However, skaters need to choose the best deck for the type of longboarding they do to get the most out of their sport.