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Best Gloves: 7 Gloves For Your Longboarding Gear (Especially For Sliding)

Quick Navigation 7 Gloves For Your Longboarding Gear (Especially for Sliding) Sliding Gloves – What Are They? The 7 Best Gloves for Added Security and Style Sliding to Safety Longboarding. It’s all about the thrills, skills, and, safety, of course. As exhilarating as longboarding is, protective gear is necessary as anything can happen at high […]

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Longboarding in 2018

Longboarding can be a fun and challenging sport that offers hours of fun and long-term benefits. Experienced riders frequently use longboards to navigate their way through cities, and other riders use them for tricks, and downhill fun. What Is Longboarding? A longboard is, in essence, a more extended version of a skateboard that serves as […]