The Physical and Mental Benefits of Surfing

Benefits of Surfing

Surfing is known to be both a very chill, but also super exhilarating sport. Whether you do it for the buzz or find it more of a relaxing activity, the benefits of surfing are bountiful.

Curious to find out what these benefits are? Read on to find out how surfing can benefit you physically and mentally, no matter what age you are!

The Physical Benefits of Surfing

Surfing has tons of benefits for your health. Just a few:

• The paddling involved in surfing, in particular, helps improve cardiovascular fitness

Core strength and arm muscles are put to work when balancing on your board.

Shoulder and back muscles will also strengthen from paddling as well as through body balancing while surfing.

As well as these three key physical benefits, surfing will generally help you improve your overall muscle tone, especially in your core and abdominal area due to your posture and having to balance, as mentioned before!

Sleep Improvement and Surfing

It’s widely known that regular exercise improves sleep. This, of course, includes surfing too. A good sleeping pattern and restful nights will have positive effects on the rest of your life too. 

Why does exercise improve sleep? Well because it tires your body out of course! Every surfer knows the amazing feeling you get after a good session hitting some sweet but massive waves. 

Being able to flop back into your bed and into a restful sleep is the best. Surfing, like any regular form of exercise, not only allows you to fall asleep quicker but will enable you to rest in a deep sleep for much longer, too.

As much of a surfing nut as you may be, don’t underestimate the importance of rest. Your body repairs itself while you rest, making any aching muscles or strains feel much better than before your head hit the pillow. 

If you can incorporate surfing into your regular exercise regime you’ll wake up feeling much more refreshed. You won’t regret it at all!

Soak Up Those Vitamins

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, you’ll be getting regular exposure to the sun while you surf. Sunshine means lots of vitamin D, which is great for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

It does this by controlling the amount of calcium and phosphorus in your blood. It also controls the growth of skin cells, and your body will make up all the vitamin D it needs just by soaking in sunlight.

Just remember to regularly apply lots of waterproof sunscreen if you are planning on spending lots of time out in the sun while surfing.

The Mental Benefits of Surfing

One of the main mental Benefits of Surfing is that, because of how fun and enjoyable it is, time seems to go quicker when you do it.

Hear us out. You see, it’s difficult to say the same for something like jogging or working out at a gym. While those forms of exercise work for some, for other the repetitive exercise can be mentally grating to the point where you’re constantly checking the time to find out whether you can stop.

While those forms of exercise work for some, for other the repetitive exercise can be mentally grating to the point where you’re constantly checking the time to find out whether you can stop.

Surfing isn’t like that. Surfing wholly takes you out of your head and away into the activity at hand. 

You’re constantly moving. You have to focus on working your body, balancing it, as well as your surroundings, the waves whipping around you and any potential dangers. Many say that time flys when you’re having fun.

Many say that time flies when you’re having fun. We say that with nothing is that truer than with surfing. It’s all about being in the moment.

A Rush of Endorphins

It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise and movement releases endorphins. Endorphins are happy neurotransmitters that:

• Reduce Stress

• Boost self-esteem

• Improve mood

While exercise and surfing won’t cure depression, it can alleviate some of the symptoms and improve your mood, as well as distract you from your negative thoughts.

Better Sleep? Better Mood

Remember how we said that regular exercise will improve your quality of sleep? Well, it so happens that a higher quality of sleep will also have a positive knock-on effect on your overall mood and well-being.

If you have to, you can even surf at night before you head to bed. Our article on night surfing will give you some tips on that.

Poor quality of sleep can cause irritability, a shorter attention span, and cause you to be more easily prone to stress. For this reason, a lack of sleep is often linked with anxiety and depression.

Surf Therapy

No kidding, this is actually a thing. Such are the benefits of surfing! The Wave Project is a charity that aims to reduce anxiety in young people and improve their confidence through surfing.

It’s a great initiative and is a great example of the positive mental Benefits of Surfing.

Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner, or you’re a seasoned surfing pro that happens to also turn to their board for a sense of positive release and relaxation, surfing can help improve your mood.

Surfing can also take you to all kinds of beautiful beaches and bays. Sometimes, just being surrounded by the beauty of nature in all its splendor and various forms can put a smile on your face and instill a much need sense of gratitude in your heart.

So much so, we believe, that we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 places to surf around the world. Trust us, it’s worth checking out so you can add all these places to your bucket list.

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