How To Find The Best Boardshorts For You

If you are planning to spend some time with your surfboard in the water this summer don’t forget that you will need to add some comfortable and fashionable surfing clothes to your wardrobe.

Finding the best boardshorts is quite easy, as long as you know what will keep you comfortable.

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The last thing you need is a short that cramps your surfing style! Take a look at the following types and decide which one will make you feel at ease and help you stand out from the crowd on the beach this summer.

Length of boardshort

The first thing that is often considered when buying boardshorts is their length. Think carefully if you will be more comfortable in a style up to the knees or in one that is shorter. The shortest style available is usually approximately 19 inches, while the longer styles are about 22 inches.

The longer ones are usually worn by those who prefer more coverage, or by people who are quite tall. The short version will give you sort of a retro look. Shorter varieties have been considered as ‘not so fashionable’ in the past, but not anymore.

The types of boardshort fabrics

The type of fabric you choose is often more important than the length, as it determines how comfortable it is when it’s wet or dry. It is also recommended to buy the correct fabric depending on the activities you will be doing. Here are a few types worth considering:

There are fabrics referred to as 4-way stretch designs. One of the best things about them is that they are really light, never bulky – you will hardly feel as if you are wearing anything at all! They have particularly good stretching abilities, which mean that they will not hamper your movements and surfing style no matter what you are up to. They also dry very quickly so you needn’t worry about bringing any extra clothes with you.

2-way stretch designs are similar, but in general, will only allow some movement horizontally or vertically. You may find that you like the 4-way stretch boardshorts better, as they offer more freedom of mobility. However, 2-way stretches are comfortable and lightweight too, and will also dry quickly once you are out of the water.

A beginner surfer may like to try these out before spending more money on the 4-way stretch design.

If you don’t mind going without the stretch aspect of your boardshorts, there are those made from micro suede. The best about these is that they have a lovely soft, satiny feel to them and they are not that pricy. They don’t dry as quickly as the other fabrics mentioned, but if the sun is out you’ll find they are reasonably quick-drying.

Hybrid boardshorts are casual, but appropriate for places other than the beach too. If you need to stop at the mall or go for a quick bite before hitting the waves these would be ideal. They may be similar to a cargo-shorts design or golf shorts. There are many different ones available.


Extras on your boardshorts

While out shopping for the best boardshorts also look at how they tie up. Always make sure they can tie firmly so you don’t end up in just your underwear after falling from a wave! If the tie has a grippy feel to it it will probably tie up more firmly.

Some have fly closures in velcro, come with a couple of pockets or are seamless for additional comfort and protection from chafing or tearing.

Some favorite boardshorts

Even if you are a male there is nothing wrong with showing off some leg! The Speedo Surf Runner Volley Short comes in various shades of grays and blues, and even in a gorgeous red that will keep you well noticed. It’s made from 100% polyester, is easy to wash and has an inside drawstring.

Of a decent length, the Hurley Men’s Puerto Rico Suede Boardshort has a great checkered design, and is quite stylish in blues and greens. Darker colors, as well as white, are also available. It comes with a few extras, such as a logoed back pocket and a patented EZ fly closure.

Shorter 19-inch popular boardshorts include the Quicksilver Men’s Frenzied shorts, the Hurley Men’s One and Only and the Hurley Men’s BP Solid Phantom boardshorts. The last-mentioned is an example of a seamless variety that is less likely to cause rashes and chafing, while the One and Only has a streamlined zipper feature.

Be careful with metal features, however, as they tend to rust in salty water and may not last for as long as a pair of shorts without zips and other metal bits and pieces.

For the ladies

Ladies have lots of choices in boardshorts fashion this summer as well. It’s understandable that ladies tend to be a bit pickier when it comes to choosing what they wear, so there are plenty of varieties available, ranging from knee-length to Daisy Dukes (also known as hot pants or bun-huggers!).

Some though, are not true boardshorts, so if you are a keen lady surfer be sure to look for genuine boardshorts that are comfortable and quick to dry.

Ladies’ boardshorts are usually loose-fitting and approximately down to just above the knees. They are made from various materials, just like those found for men, but the best are the ones that give plenty of mobility.

It’s rather nice too if you buy shorts that can be worn for purposes other than just the beach, perhaps a casual barbeque or trip to the mall when it’s just too hot for long pants. Nowadays, boardshorts are just as appropriate for women as they are for men.

Whether you are a pro-surfer or just starting to learn the ropes boardshorts are an essential part of your gear. Choose the ones in the colors you like the most and in styles that will give you great mobility and comfort. The best boardshorts you can buy should last for a couple of summers, and remain looking good even through some heavy-duty surfing.


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