You Can Break My Boards, But Nothing Can Break My Passion


Hi! My name is Earl and i’m just your average teenage longboarder.

Sliding some hills and doing a couple of grab tricks. Truth is, I didn’t really intend to be a longboarder. It all started back at 2013 when I was on a vacation here in the USA. It was a normal usual day. I was walking down the street when I saw a group of skateboarders doing tricks around the nearby park.

I got curious and thought to my self “What if I try it?”.

When I got home I asked my Uncle to take me to the nearest skateboard shop. I was so excited when I got there that I slipped myself on a skateboard lying on the ground, how foolish of me.

Anyways, I bought myself a Dark Star skateboard. Then, when we got home, I practiced and practiced to master it. after a week, I could ride stable. Then it was time for some tricks. Sadly, school was going to start soon and I gotta go back to the Philippines (My home).

I got really busy at school back then so I didn’t have much time to skate. Eventually I thought of quitting since I didn’t improve at all. A year had passed and my dad bought me a mini cruiser branded Penny Australia which I soon broke in half from trying out some tricks, not to mention spraining my ankle lots of times.

I got depressed because I hardly land any tricks, improve, and I was plain lonely at the time like, I used to skate all alone and thought of leaving my hobby for good.

But then, after a year, my dad didn’t give up on me… He bought me a longboard (Big H Batteri).

I was confused and happy at the same time, he left me with a note that says:

“Don’t give up, you’ve already gone this far… why stop now?”.

Without uttering a word I went outside and tried it out. This time, I felt the completeness! It’s faster, It’s much more versatile and efficient in roads, bigger. Now I can land my tricks easily. I went to the nearby hills and tried bombing them, practiced a couple of slides but I still had a hard time.

I often fall off my board and get wounds, bruises, etc. I figured after a couple of months: “what if I try another approach?” then I tried board dancing, board grabs and ollies, and eventually, I improved rapidly! I knew that at that very moment, it was for me.

For some reason it just felt so good to longboard. I post my tricks on instagram and facebook but nobody hardly notice them.

Till one day, I was taking a rest when these kids, and other teenagers approached me and asked me to teach them. So I did. They really got themselves in to longboarding and they kept on reminding me that I inspired them.

When they got to buy their own boards we formed a skate crew named “Dambana X Crew” and now Idon’t feel so alone anymore. We entered small time competitions and even held one. It was fun and awesome at the same time.

Then, my school contacted me to light up the torch (for the opening of the sports festival) with me riding my board and I agreed.

At the day of the ceremony I almost cried, people kept cheering on my name. The whole school supports me, I’m a somebody now! What made me tear up is when I saw the kids, with their own boards, waving a banner with my name on it.

I felt special, I wasn’t a professional longboarder, I wasn’t famous, but I have friends, family. So I rode the whole campus on the way to lighting the torch and succeeded. The next day people was sharing their stories on how I inspired them, which made me strive for more and be better.

I soon graduated highschool and now plan to continue my life here in the USA. But before I left, I threw myself a goodbye party.

Many skaters / longboarders went. We held a mini competition whilst partying and stuff. When it was almost midnight, before they said their farewells, we skated through the whole village where it all started.

As we pushed parade throught the streets tears were falling down my eyes. I was just then, I realized that longboarding isn’t all about sports and tricks, it’s also about the bonds you’re able to create, the support, the friendship, and of course; the passion. We soon said our farewells and the next day, before I left for the airport I promised them that i’ll be back. That i’ll be stronger and better.

And now that I’m here I sometimes get worried because I know college is far more difficult than highschool and I also have to find my self a side line job, I thought of “What if i’ll be forced to quit longboarding?”

And then I remembered,

“…You’ve already gone this far… Why stop now?”

By: Earl Ralph B. Pasajol


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