Rayne Darkside Longboard Review

The Rayne Darkside is a versatile freeride, downhill board developed by Rayne. It’s an asymmetrical board with a mellow kick and bacon waves down through the concave.

As for the concave itself it starts flat at either end and after clearing the mounting positions of which they are  23.5″ / 24″ or 24.5″.

The board starts to gain a rocker and a deeper concave as it nears the center of the board achieving a deep bowl concave.

Generally light on account of it’s bamboo core and fiberglass construction, it also features 3D wheel wells coming out from the board which in turn adds more features to the deck, creating a much more locked in feeling.


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Rayne Darkside Longboard

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Great for freeride

Even though the Darkside does have a singular kick it does not provide enough pop to have any use for flatland tricks and is mostly a tool used to achieved a locked in feeling when sliding. On the topic of sliding, It is very well constructed in providing confidence for freeride. The deck achieves an amazing balance between being rigid enough to tell you where your feet should be but it also have the general shape that allows you to pick where you want to be on the board. Not a lot of shapely decks allow this because they just feel off if your feet aren’t in the right positions.

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And amazing for downhill

As for downhill it’s pretty amazing. The way the concave transitions into the mounting positions add a great resting place for a tuck. By having a ledge to sit against you are in a position to throw out a speed check and go into a very low tuck. The deck is amazing at having just the right balance between demand and freedom of the position of the feet. The deck is also very solid, no possible flex and a very solid fiberglass construction. It feels great at high speeds and give plenty of foot clearance.

No boards perfect so let’s take a look at it’s shortcomings. The kick is functionally useless, its only purpose is to add another feature and is hardly able to be used to hop curbs or provide much pop. The Darkside also features 3D wheel wells only so wheelbite is a very real problem. I run 50ºcalibers (no riser) on mine so I didn’t experience any but had I been riding 44ºcalibers I would have had to add a riser.

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A great mix of everything

Overall the Rayne Darkside is an amazing longboard and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting a “do anything” kind of board. It’s great for a cruise around town or a gnarly bomb down the scariest hill but it sacrifices the BEST for the ability to do it all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great board but it’s not perfect (it’s definitely pretty stupid close) but it’s very versatile and well put together. The perfect word for this board it hybrid because it’s a mix of everything it needs to be but it doesn’t excel at everything, it does do a pretty damn good job.

Long story short

Want a board for everything? Join the Darkside of the boards.
Review written by longboard rider: Joshie Cakes

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