Gold Coast Floater review – Gold Coast longboards

The name of this particular board says it all – a floater. And it seems like the guys at Gold Coast have been thinking about nothing else than perfect simplicity when this longboard was manufactured.


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Gold Coast Floater Longboardgold coast longboard

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Gold Coast is well known for giving us the chance to ride some pretty much perfect cruiser longboards. And the thing about this particular board is that it gives you that special feeling when you just know – all the knowledge about cruiser longboards have been used to assemble this board.

gold coast longboard

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Quick details

  • The Gold Coast Floater is 44’’ long and 10’’ wide with 26’’ wheelbase.
  • Shred Boot 71mm 80a wheels that cover the ABEC 7 bearings that come custom with Teflon. All that on the Century 7’’ reverse pivot trucks.
  • 7ply Canadian maple deck covered with a printed grip tape.

Gold Coast Big Longboard

Overall description

A great, responsive ride is provided with the 7ply maple deck that gives you the feeling of perfect control over the board. The custom printed grip tape will keep your feet in place and will give your board a nice look.

The 26’’ wheel base is what provides a smoother ride and will keep the board stable when carving. That is of course what you are looking for when going for a cruiser longboard. If you are looking for something more than just a cruiser, take a look at some other great longboards.

71mm 80a wheels are fitted perfectly. They really are just what you need for cruising because they will get you going on different roads and you won’t feel anything if small bumps get in your way.

The ABEC 7 bearings that the Shred Boot wheels hide are great mainly because they come custom with Teflon. They will provide a great cruising experience for you – doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a rider with experience.

Gold Coast in Sun light

A classic cruiser

So what makes Gold Coast longboards so special? We could say that it is the simplicity and the classic look and feeling of great cruising it gives you every time you take to the streets. What is more, it comes in several different colors that will give you the stylish look you always want. To look completely great, take a look at some high quality, great looking skate shoes.

If you are really going for a cruiser, than this might be the best option for you. The riding experience will be great. Because this simple, jet perfectly combined board will make your ride smooth and you will never lose the control over it.

There is not much to say

When we take a look at the details of this board it already seems to be a great deal. And so it is, because every detail if this board is considered carefully to bring you the riding experience you might never feel again. And the design of this board is just beautiful – different colors that match various styles of riders.

 And as a cruiser this longboard from this manufacturer really is a top choice. It may seems that there is not much needed for a great board when you go cruising, but just get your feet on this amazing longboard and you will definitely feel the difference.

 Of course there are various great choices if you are looking forward to get a cruiser, but among all those longboards this one manages to stand out. When you just take a look at the board, it gives a you confidence therefore you know that you will be provided with the quality you always wanted.

What more can I say, get yourself one the these boards and enjoy it.