Globe Pinner longboard review

So you are looking for a nice and simplified cruiser that will get you from the point A to wherever you like to go. This board might just be the best choice for you.

The Globe Pinner longboard will provide you with a high quality performance and will be a great way to travel thru the streets of your city

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But to be honest, there is something about this board that just doesn’t give that excitement. The board is great and there is no doubt about the quality, jet it seems to lack confidence.

Maybe because there are some great cruising longboards out there that are also simplified with high quality components that just look better and can give you a better experience.

But there is also something special about this board that gives this board a chance to stand out from its competitors. And it might be the rational design of the board with long life high quality components assembled together.

GLOBE HG Globe Pinner Classic Longboard Complete Skateboard, Black/Mahogany, Size 40
  • Classic pintail longboard with a kicktail
  • 40" x 9" x 26.75"Wb
  • Resin-8 hard rock Maple

It is the quiet guy, sitting in the back of the class and not talking to anyone who in the end becomes a rich and famous genius mastermind.

GLOBE HG Globe Pinner Classic Longboard Complete Skateboard, Black/Mahogany, Size 40

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Quick details

  • The board is 41.25’’ long and 9.8’’ wide with an impressive 30.5’’ wheelbase.
  • 7Ply maple deck with a clear grip holding on the 180mm Slant Flat inverted trucks.
  • 65mm Globe wheels with ABEC 7 bearings beneath them.

Overall Globe Pinner description

It is in its basics a classic cruiser with a simplified design with high quality performance components – ideal for cruising and carving the streets of your city. The kick tail will allow you to handle the board much easier and maybe even perform some simple tricks when going slow-speed.

It is definitely a great board for beginners that will help to pave the way for great future experiences in different longboarding styles. It will simply teach you the basics of longboarding. But when going further it will probably let you down. As I said it is great for carving and it does this very well. Carving with this board will feel great even on big hills. But when you want to take the next step on go on for something more than just basic carving and cruising, this board starts to feel heavy and stiff. And that just destroys all the joy of longboarding.

All riders want to maintain control over the board in all conditions therefore a quality grip tape is highly important. On this particular board a clear grip tape is used which of course looks great and everything but all in all it is horrible. Why? Well because putting a fresh new layer of grip tape when the old one is used off is much harder with a clear grip tape than it would usually be.

So what should you do now

Well, in the end, it’s you who is going to be using this or whatever board you choose. Therefore you have to look at your personal needs when choosing the longboard. And if you are looking forward for a great board that will take you on a great cruising ride – this longboard is just for you. However if you expect something more than just relaxed cruising, you do have to take a look at other boards.

At the same time, when you invest in a quality board, you expect it to provide with great riding experience for a relatively long time and at this point the Pinner is also a great choice. The details that are used to assemble this board should be working great for a long time. That is of course it you don’t damage the board on purpose.