Atom Drop-Through Longboard Review

Atom has once again achieved a great combination of handy features with the 41-inch Drop-Through longboard. This is a stable ride that does this exciting sport true justice.

The shape and griptape ensure maximum comfort, while the trucks and bearing are great for stability and maneuverability. Many riders who are just dipping their toe in the amazing world of longboarding will find this to be one of the best options out there, as it is straightforward, easy to skate on as well as carry around and, last but not least, very affordable.

A truly excellent choice for cruising, and downhill carving.

Reliable deck

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard has a very comfortable, stable and sturdy deck, which is not something to be overlooked.

When it comes to longboarding, the deck can mean the difference between a super easy going, enjoyable ride and an unsettling experience that is more of a struggle than it is pleasure.

No danger of the latter with this board – the deck is constructed out of full maple laminate, which is a strong material that won’t come apart after a few bumps on the road.

The 41-inch size adds to the stability, but also ensures comfort no matter what the size of the rider, meaning that the anxiety of a new skater’s longboard experience is pretty much dealt with.


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Drop-through boards are preferred by many skaters and are a quite common choice for manufacturers, as they provide a myriad of benefits. With these types of boards, the hardware is mounted to the top of the deck, rather than the bottom, which means that the rider is lower to the ground.

This can be very useful when looking for stability, especially in urban surroundings or when the goal is to achieve insane, yet safe downhill speeds.

This longboard can easily be used for cruising, leisurely strolls around town or a super quick way of transportation around campus. In those instances many obstacles could get in the way and the pavement is not always perfectly fit for skating, but the Drop-Through deck does a great job at lowering the chances of falling off the deck whenever a problem is encountered.


Stability and maneuverability

Another very important feature of the Atom Drop-Through Longboard are the Reverse Kingpin trucks with 245 mm axles. These are super handy when it comes to cruising and bombing those hills, because it ensures great maneuverability and stability.

This board can literally dance circles around any obstacle and easily make sharp, intense turns, without fazing the rider. On the other hand, the perimeter shape eliminated wheel bite and thus makes for a strong ride that does not need constant maintenance.

Many people with a newly-found love for longboarding find it challenging to choose a quality board that won’t require spending their monthly wage. This can sometimes be tricky, because most quality longboards do not come cheap, which is yet another reason why this longboard is a great choice – it is rather affordable and can be purchased even on a limited budget.

Besides, the design is clean and simple – a real classic, with no unnecessary flash and kitsch. Generally speaking – an amazing piece of gear for everyone who is looking to dabble into the crazy exciting world of longboarding without breaking the bank.


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