The Best skate shoes – Buying Guide and Review

Even though skateboarding is often perceived as a non-mainstream and even rebellious act, just like every other extreme sport it too requires certain equipment. Riding just any skateboard or longboard, while wearing unfit shoes and clothing is not impossible, but it takes a lot from the experience, prevents the rider from perfecting the craft and might even prove to be dangerous.

Therefore, everyone who has chosen skateboarding as a hobby or a future profession should certainly know a thing or two about the necessary equipment. Out of everything a skateboarder needs, the shoes are probably the most important piece of gear – they can make or break the experience. Many riders who are new to the world of skateboarding start off with random shoes or sneakers, the result being that the shoes are done for in a matter of days, if not hours, depending on their quality.

Thus finding the best skate shoes is invaluably to a really good skating session.

Shoes Rating



C1RCA Lamb

C1RCA Lamb

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 DC Mike MO S

DC Mike MO S

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Etnies Highlight

Etnies Highlight

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DVS Vapor

DVS Vapor

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C1RCA GrizC1RCA Griz

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The difference of a skate shoe

There are several important components that differ skate shoes from other shoes and define quality skate footwear. At first glance, it is easily noticeable that shoes are much larger and bulkier than others and while some people prefer that style because it simply matches their tastes better, there are actually good reasons for the shoes to be formed this way.

First of all, the shoes’ soles are a lot thicker. It is important for the entire shoes to be larger in order to secure the skater’s grip with the deck and the thick sole is necessary due to the constant friction between the skateboard’s grip tape with the soles – as the grip tape is a rough material, it can easily damage and rip the shoes. The soles are also used for stopping and gaining speed, therefore the ground can do the same damage as the grip tape. Last but not least, when landing after an aerial trick the foot’s sole can be injured, which is prevented by the thick shoe soles.

Another key component is the upper part of the skate shoe, which is usually made out of composition leather or suede. The sides and upper parts of regular shoes can also be easily damaged by the grip tape, especially when performing tricks like “ollies”, when the rider’s foot slides over the skateboard deck in order to perform the jump. While regular shoes would easily rip apart after a few “ollies”, skating shoes are designed to prevent that problem not only through the material they are made out of, but also through triple stitching.

The next crucial part of skate shoes are the thick, padded tongues. Not only people with newly found passion for skateboarding make mistakes – so do professionals, and when that happens and the deck spins out of control it can injure the skater’s foot. The thick tongues are very useful in such situations. Lastly, it is not uncommon for shoelaces to shred after being put through the skating experience. This happens especially when performing tricks such as “kickflips” and “360 flips”, when the shoe slides over the grip tape. In order to avoid that, good shoes feature lace protectors. The listed above are only the absolute essentials, however, the best skate shoes have many more components that enhance skating, while making it much safer.

Best Options in the Market Today

Shoe manufacture has a certain technology to it and just like any other technical advancement it gets old as new methods and improvements are applied. Therefore, getting a newer model with proven qualities is the best way to go, as it guarantees enjoyable skating. As with other sports gear, there are many companies producing shoes but it is not always easy to pick the most efficient model. In order to aid the problem, here are presented some options for

The best skate shoes you can buy:

Adidas Busenitz Adv

This shoe presents the absolute classics in Adidas footwear – the Daniel Buzenitz model. It is precisely what comes to mind upon hearing the words “classic skate shoe” with its clean dichromatic look and trademark shape. Wearing these would make even the youngest skater feel like an iconic figure from the dawn of the sport. Of course these are not ladies’ heels and so being stylish is far from enough. The shoes feature some great, comfort-inspiring innovations, such as the cup sole construction which absorbs harsh impact and the GEOFIT collar that provides an excellent fit. The upper part of the shoe is high-quality suede, which comes in a wide variety of colors, and the front ¾ are bonded to the rear, so as to prevent ripping. In addition, the gum outsole with vector traction pattern makes for a very stable grip to the board’s deck.

Adidas Seeley

A hardcore skate shoe! It is slightly bulkier than the Adidas Busenitz Adv and resembles the contemporary skating shoes more closely, even though it still carries the retro spirit. The Seeleys come in an even broader range of shades, so everyone can find their favorite look. This a truly sturdy shoe, with its vulcanized soles and one-piece toe cap and an upper part which combines suede and canvas (they even come with a raw hemp canvas top). The Seeleys break in very easily and feature padding around the ankle for extra comfort and stability.

C1RCA Lamb

This is David Gravette’s Pro Model and the shoes definitely carry his spirit, individuality and thrilling style. The upper part of the shoe is constructed out of dichromatic and very sturdy fabric, with the word “creature” right on the front of the tongues. The rubber soles provide great flexibility, as well as heel stabilizer and  dual density dura-lock insole. The grip that these shoed provide is not something to be overlooked. It is aided by the Fusiongrip outsole rubber. The C1RCA Lambs also feature genuine vulcanized construction and C1RCA herringbone bottom thread.

C1RCA Griz

The Emmanuel Guzman Pro Model takes skating to another level. These shoes were made with fascinating precision and can handle all kinds of terrain, as well as every harsh skating situation imaginable, aided by their leather top finish. In addition, they are extremely comfortable due to the Aerocush  midsole and outsole for plush padding. An excellent grip is provided by the Fusiongrip rubber, while one piece toe construction prevents ripping.

C1RCA Walker

This C1RCA model is slightly larger and has a heel of about 1 inch. The stitching and leather upper part make it an incredibly sturdy shoe than will not wear down no matter what tricks are performed with it or how many falls the skater endures. It also features one piece toe construction for extra durability, high quality rubber soles and genuine vulcanized construction.

Converse Pro Leather Skate Mid

Even though every skater has a favorite brand, no one can deny the advantages of Converse Pro Leather Skate Mida Converse shoe – it is classic, comfortable and yet innovative. In this case, the truly old-school mid top is complemented by a brand new silhouette. The shoe features a cushioned vulcanized sole which eases harsh impacts and provides great durability. The top part is a combination of leather and suede that is not only comfortable, but also long-lasting.

Converse KA-II

These shoes feature new technology that makes skaters want to go on even after hours of riding. Perhaps the most special part are the Nike Lunarlon built-in insoles. This makes the shoes go to the next level, as it provides great comfort and, most importantly, protection. The grip that this model provides is also something that cannot be overlooked. In addition, the KA-IIs feature a mesh collar around the ankle, which ensures an airy and pleasant feel even after day-long sessions.

DC Mike MO S

These are Mike Mo Capaldi’s first signature shoes and are every bit worth the title, as they are literally shoes from the future, packed with amazing features that few models provide. The top part is backed with Super Suede TPU, it is perforated so as to provide breathability and uses a no-sew technology for durability. Comfort is a key component with the foam-padded tongue and collar, while the outsole is made out of abrasion-resistant sticky rubber.

DVS Vapor

A stylish and beautifully designed model featuring a secret treasure. These shoes have a hidden layer of rubber in the inner surface of the toe panel, which provides and extreme feeling and comfort coupled with a longer-lasting insurance. The model is especially for those who value comfort above all else, as it has an ortholite antimicrobial footbed which take breathability to the next level. The single piece vinyl-reinforced toecap guarantees high durability, just like the suede-made upper part.

Etnies Highlight

Unlike many skating models, these shoes are amazingly lightweight as they don’t have the normal rubber weight. Instead, they feature STI Evolution Foam in the footbed, midsole and outsole. In addition, the new technology provides higher durability. The upper part is a combination of suede, textile and synthethic. The one-piece toe is really special, as it contains a silicone-backed ollie area. Comfort is ensured through the moisture-wicking liner.

As shoes are a crucial part for ensuring a safe and wildly enjoyable skating experience, finding the right pair is what can make or break a skater. Durability, comfort and safety are all incredibly important and should not be overlooked when it comes to this extreme sport. Even though everyone has different style and preferences, no rider can go wrong with one of the mentioned models when picking their best skate shoes.

Take your new skate shoes for a test ride. Click here to see some of the best longboards on the market that will fit perfectly with the shoes you love.


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