Skate Park’s Guide For Longboarders

As longboarders, we feel like kings when it comes downhill. We can go at high speeds and skate with all your friends at the same time without crashing is not just possible, it is expected. Slow riders can go at the back, so it is easy to get speed and make your moves with freedom.

However, when you go to skateparks, is another story.


Skate parks are safe places for longboarders. You don’t need to worry about distracted people across the street, cars, annoying stones or imperfections in the ground.

However, if you don’t know about certain rules that you need to follow when you go to a skatepark, probably you will feel like a child in the first day of school.

It is common that longboarders who never are gone to a skatepark try to apply the same rules as when they are downhill. Unfortunately, the skatepark environment has its own rules and its own ways of skating. So, if you don’t want to be the annoying guy across the skatepark you need to apply the following rules:

Be careful about what is going on around you

This rule is pretty easy to follow. Just take a look around you and be careful with the other skaters in the park. Nobody likes crashes.

Respect the turns

All skaters, don’t matter how bad or how incredibly good at riding they can be, have their own turn. You need to respect the fact that every head into the skatepark is as important as you.

Enjoy your own turn

This rule is as important as the previous one. Everybody will respect your turn, just enjoy it. Your turn will not end unless you fail or bail, so feel free and do your stuff.

Don’t be presumptuous

When it comes skating, you are free to ride however you want and try everything you want. As riders, we know how good it feels to land a trick that nobody can. However, if you see some skater that is striving to land a trick, doesn’t matter how easy the trick is, don’t go over his nose and does it right away.

Enjoy the spectacle

It is common to see people who are extremely good at skating kill the park. It is a good idea just to sit down and enjoy the spectacle.

Get out of the way!

If you decide that you’re done, don’t stay at the middle of the skatepark. It is really annoying and can produce accidents.

Deaf to criticism

Don’t matter if you follow the skate park’s rules step-by-step, always there will be people who don’t like your style of skating, just don’t listen to their critics. You are free to skate as you want.

Last thing, if you are a novice in skateparks, it is recommendable to go when there are just a few people. That way, you will familiarize with these rules without problems.

Although following these rules it is very important and without them we could not have the right order at the moment of skating, you need to keep fun and enjoy your stay in the skatepark because at the end of the day, is the most important rule.


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