Selecting the Best Penny Board for the Best Riding Experience

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There are many types of boards that one can use for riding. They include longboards, skateboards, and penny boards to name but a few.  Additionally, the boards come in different shapes, sizes, and features, providing a rider with many options to select from depending on their preferences. But, what is the best Penny board?

While having a lot of choices and variety is great for riders, it can also lead to choice paralysis, where so many choices exist one is unable to determine which option to go for.

This article shall be a review of two of the greatest penny boards in the market.

This should provide a rider with enough information to enable them to make a great choice to meet their needs and in selecting a penny board for a great riding experience.

What are penny boards?

Penny boards are short longboards made of plastic, sometimes referred to as short cruisers. Penny boards are made by Penny Skateboards, which was founded by Ben Mackay in 2010 and based in Australia.

The founder is a former professional skateboarder and named the board after his sister, called Penny. The decks of penny boards are made of high-quality plastic paired with great trucks and longboard wheels. One has the option of buying the parts separately and assembling them or buying them as complete boards.

The retro-style boards were inspired by Mackay’s childhood skateboarding experience.

His father bought him a plastic skateboard made of plastic, which started his love affair with skateboarding and riding. Later in life, his passion, various skills, and experience started him off on a journey to create his own boards. He experimented with various types of boards and materials before settling on plastic.

When he made the boards, Mackay had no idea just how popular they will be. Within a short time, the boards were being picked up by all sorts of riders. This ranged from children and young adults to beginners and experienced riders.

The boards are especially popular with teenagers and young adults as well as campus students and beach lovers. There are many features that make Penny longboards so popular in the market. Listed below are some of those features and characteristics.

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Features and characteristics of Penny boards

Penny boards are rather short compared to most longboards and made of high-quality plastic. This makes the boards easy to carry around since they are light and don’t require as much space as longer boards.

The high-quality plastic has the right mix of flex, strength, and stiffness. Penny skateboards are therefore long-lasting and make for a great riding experience.

Another thing that sets Penny boards apart from other boards is their surf-like ride experience. The injection-molded high-quality decks are designed to offer a riding experience that is truly like that of no other board.

They have an aerodynamic form that is not achievable with other materials in addition to being light and extremely fast. All this comes together to provide a rider with an unforgettable riding experience.

The uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of Penny boards are other Penny board characteristics that make them popular in the market. The boards are without a doubt one of the most outstanding boards in the market. A Penny board differs from the other boards in terms of deck material, design, history, fashion status, and riding style to name but a few.

Penny boards come in an array of solid colors with options for various designs. One also has the option of customizing the board’s looks as they wish. This not only makes for some personalized boards but allows one to express themselves as they wish.

This makes for some truly unique and eye-catching boards.

Penny boards normally come without a grip tape. A rider relies more on the diamond pattern on the deck of the board to provide grip. After riding the Penny board for some time, a grip tape that can be added to the board is not really necessary. It’s because the surface wears down after some use to provide even greater grip.

This means that Penny boards can be ridden barefoot.

A comparison between the Penny Original  and the Penny Nickel boards

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After comparing both boards, one finds that the boards are suited for diverse and sometimes varying riding situations. For those primarily interested in cruising and commuting board and especially in highly crowded areas, the Penny Original is definitely a great choice.

It is extremely compact and light and fits even in a backpack, thus is highly portable and easy to carry.

Meanwhile, the Penny Nickel is a great board for riders interested in a light board with more stability. It is much more suited to fast riders. Of the two boards, the Penny Nickel is much better for sliding and some riders even use it for bombing small hills.

Penny Nickel 27-Inch Board Review

The Penny Nickel measures 27 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width. The trucks are made of high-quality aluminum connected to the wheels via ABEC7 bearings.

This increases the control one has on the board which is highly maneuverable. The wheels are usually 59mm diameter 78A Penny wheels that provide a smooth ride. One can also change the wheels for better sliding.

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The Penny Nickel skateboard is designed to make for a more surfing like riding experience. Once a rider gets used to it, there is no other skateboard that has a riding style quite like the Penny Nickel.

This has made it popular with beginner riders as well as experienced riders. Some experienced riders use the Penny Nickel board to relax from more strenuous riding tricks. Learning how to do tricks on the Penny Nickel is a great, exhilarating adventure for experienced riders.

The deck 27-inch deck is made of almost indestructible plastic and has no grip tape. Instead, a grip is provided by the diamond pattern on the shortboard, which improves with time. In fact, one can also ride the Penny Nickel barefoot which has made it popular with beachgoers.

The board has a kicktail for freestyling and freeriding. One can also select some great wheels for sliding to enable the Penny Nickel to slide and carve even better. Like other Penny boards, it is faster than almost all longboards whether cruising.

All this comes together to enable a rider whether experienced on skateboards or longboards to enjoy the Penny shortboard in a new way.

A novel riding experience and a faster, lighter, and almost indestructible board is a great tool for experienced riders. This is because they instinctively know what is needed and yet can keep pushing the limits for an, even more, steezier ride.

With the right setup such as sliding wheels, an experienced rider is able to do some extremely fast slides.

They can also do flips, bowl shredding, and ollies at high speeds. It is also extremely responsive when performing ramp tricks and jumps. This is one extremely fun board for those addicted to exploring new and great longboard riding experiences.

The board is wider than the Penny Original. It increases the stability of the board and provides a wider Effective Foot Platform (EFP) for the rider. This makes it great for beginners and enables one to adjust to the more surfing-like ride of the board.

Large riders sometimes prefer the Penny Nickel as they are more comfortable on it compared to the smaller penny boards. However, the width of the board is not an issue for most riders, especially when used mostly for cruising.

Like other Penny boards, the Penny Nickel comes in a variety of colors both for the deck and the wheels. One can also customize their designs in addition to the ones provided by the board manufacturer online. Therefore, it is no surprise that Penny Nickel shortboards are aesthetically pleasing and bound to catch the eye when one rides around town or the campus.

Penny boards have become a trend, a fashion icon, and culture, from the different deck composition material to the unique design and a novel riding experience.

This is a board that everyone can enjoy, ride with style on and have great fun with. It is light and durable as well as fast and light, making learning to use the board is a breeze that feels like the surf.

A Penny Nickel board is a truly amazing board for a rider who is looking for a stylish, fun, novel, and unique board.

Penny Original 22-Inch Board Review

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The Penny Original, commonly known as the Penny, was the first Penny board ever to hit the market. It measures 22-inches in length and 6-inches in width

The deck is made of high-quality plastic giving it an aerodynamic design in addition to being light. The board’s surface features a diamond pattern with no grip tape to keep a rider firmly on the deck. It is also extremely durable and compact due to the strength of the deck material.

The lightness and compactness of this plastic skateboard have made it especially popular with campus dwellers and students. This is due to being small and light enough to carry out even in a backpack. It also makes the board extremely maneuverable and fast in addition to being well suited for cruising.

The board’s 3-inch Penny trucks are made of high-quality, graded 356 aluminum which is both light and strong. These are connected via ABEC7 bearings made of stainless steel to the wheels. The wheels have a diameter of 59mm and mostly have a durometer rating of either 78A or 83A.

Bestseller No. 1
Penny Australia, 27 Inch Swirl Penny Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard
  • 27" deck with waffle non-slip deck
  • Premium Abec 7 stainless steel bearings & high tensile bolts
  • 4" A-grade 356 cast aluminum powder-coated trucks
Bestseller No. 2
Penny Australia, 22 Inch Ocean Mist Penny Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard
  • 22" deck with waffle non-slip deck
  • Premium Abec 7 stainless steel bearings & high tensile bolts
  • 3" A-grade 356 cast aluminum powder-coated trucks

More info you need

It comes in a variety of colors including white, orange, and blue. One can also select the made designs available from the manufacturer. If none of the many options appeal to a rider, they can go for a fully customized look which can be done easily online. It ensures that one can get a board that exactly meets their fancy whatever their taste may be.

A kicktail ensures that the board is good for more than just cruising. For any rider interested in freeride riding or freestyling, the Penny Original does not disappoint. Being almost indestructible means it is an excellent board for one to learn to do tricks, freestyle, and freeride riding. This is further aided by the lightness and responsiveness of the board.

No matter how much abuse one puts it through, the board is sure to take it into stride and ride.

The small size of this Penny board makes it ideal for small riders. In fact, it is one of the few boards in the market that is well-suited to use by both kids and adults. Most big riders assume the board is too small for them until they step on it. Once they do, they understand that when it comes to the Penny Original, size hardly matters.

And that’s not all

It is a responsive board that is highly maneuverable. It makes for a smooth ride when cruising and traveling in a straight line. When it comes to turning, the board is very responsive and makes for agile turns. This ability to turn on the dime is one of the characteristics that have made the board so popular.

It enables a rider to avoid crashing into obstacles and people at a moment’s notice. This is especially important when riding in busy streets, walkways, and paths, making it well-suited to commuting.

The Penny Original is a great board for a rider looking for a unique and fun board. This board is meant to express individuality, freedom, and style. The surf-like feel of the board makes for a novel riding experience, making it ideal for both beginners and more experienced riders. It is definitely a great board to invest in and use.

So which is better, a regular skateboard (Penny Original) or a Penny Nickel board?

The Penny Original is made from a sturdy polyurethane material that will still look new even if it slams to the curb. It’s equipped with trucks around 3.125-inch wide and 59 mm Penny wheels.

One of the differences between the Penny Original and the Penny Nickel is board length. The Penny Original comes with a 22-inch long board, while the Penny Nickel has a 27-inch long board. The Penny Nickel also has a wider deck when compared to the Penny Original. It has 4-inch wide trucks, almost one inch wider than the Penny Original.

A smaller deck allows a skateboard to fit in a backpack easily. The shorter size of the Penny Original is advantageous when it comes to turning. In addition, a short wheelbase makes the board easier to maneuver and lets you weave in and out conveniently.

However, the Penny Nickel is also a good option because its extra length provides more room so your feet can easily move and control the board. It comes with a bigger deck, too, allowing beginners to control it with ease.

Penny Board Components


Penny trucks are made of high-quality cast aluminum. The purpose of skateboard trucks is to connect the wheels and skateboard bearings to the deck. Trucks are composed of 2 parts: the baseplate and the hanger. Between the baseplate and the hanger are bushings that serve as a cushion for the truck as it turns.

Stiffer bushings mean the board will be more resistant to turning. On the other hand, softer bushings make it easier for the board to turn. A kingpin bolt fits inside the bushings and holds these parts together. The trucks can be adjusted loosely to allow better turning and tightened for more stability. This can be done by tightening or loosening the kingpin nut.


The wheels of a Penny board are made from Polyurethane, with a plastic core. The wheels on 22-inch and 27-inch Penny boards have a diameter of 59 mm, while Penny longboard skateboard wheels have a diameter of 69 mm.

The hardness of Penny wheels is an important element of the board’s design. All Penny wheels are rated at 83A, which is ideal for mini cruisers and cruising skateboards. Thanks partly to the board’s weight, the skateboard wheels naturally gather momentum and speed. In addition, the broadness of Penny wheels is suitable for navigating slightly rough surfaces.


Penny skateboard decks are made from plastic, designed to give the deck structure a combination of flexibility and strength. Featuring a non-slip, “waffle-top” texture, the plastic skateboard deck is available in a broad range of styles and colors, can be purchased separately, or as a part of pre-assembled, complete skateboards.

Final Thoughts on the Best Penny Board

Penny boards are in a category of their own. Comparing them to other boards is much like comparing a superbike to a car. Both can be used for transportation, but the experience is totally different. What can be said of the boards is that they are fun, stylish, fashionable and definitely a must-have for adventurous riders.

If you’re asking “which brand of Penny board is best for beginners,” the Penny Nickel is probably the better choice. It is longer and wider than the Penny Original, providing more room for your feet and making it easier to control.

However, the Penny Original is also a good option if you want maneuverability and better turning capability. Whichever of the two skateboard brands you choose, it’s worth it. Their light weight and extreme durability are hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for a cheap Penny board or a mid-priced quality skateboard, you can check out these one-of-a-kind products at the skateboard shop, or buy them online by clicking on the links above.


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