Best Longboard Brands 2018 For You – TOP 7

As more and more people are getting hooked on longboarding – a sport addictive with its thrills, tricks and accessibility, the manufacturing companies and their products are growing in size as well.

That is why considering the best longboard brands that actually make quality products and which ones aren’t that good, might sometimes be a little challenging. Even though all manufacturers have their strong suits, there are some that have proven to have great performance in all longboarding disciplines.

These are some our top longboards from best longboard brands

Quality comes from experience

When it comes to quality longboard brands, one of the most important aspects is choosing one with traditions.

Picture having to buy a car – would you choose one that has made a lot of progress through the years and has produced a lot of quality vehicles, or would you rather purchase one manufactured by a company that has no real experience?

Odds are, you would prefer the first option, as you will be convinced that your purchase is of high quality. The same goes for longboards. Luckily, there are some companies that have been perfecting their longboards for some time now and choosing them pretty much guarantees a quality longboard experience.

The brands that we are about to present here have been making extremely high-quality gear for some time now and have countless fans around the world.

Naturally, there are other good manufacturers as well, but these three are considered to be the best of the best, as their products are tailored to many specific riding styles and within their catalogues you can find a lot of amazing longboards, no matter what your discipline of choice.

These brands also have to offer some amazing new surprises for 2018 that you will be super impressed with!

Sector 9 Longboards – One of the best longboard brands

It always remains really close to real skaters and knows how to cater to their every need, at the brand’s founders started out as regular street skaters as well. All the way back in 1993 they started tuning up longboards on their own – making small improvements that made a  great difference. Gradually, over the years, Sector 9 became a world-renown brand with admirers all over the world and some truly great boards.

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Sector 9 holds three products that skaters are really excited about this year. First of all, there are the amazing Budro models – one is 35 inches and the other – 38, but both are equally amazing. These are two very versatile boards that will fit all kinds of tastes and styles – both can be used for downhill as well as showing off some crazy skills in freeriding. These boards are amazingly strong, with their 7 ply cold-pressed maple construction and can withstand any obstacles. They also feature double kicks and have high concave.

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Another new and really cool Sector 9 product is the Bonsai. This longboard definitely amazes, this board is easy to push, maintains speed, doesn’t slide out, and goes the distance, making it great for riding to work and shredding the streets. This also means that speedy rides are going to be super easy to control and will provide a lot of stability. The board’s construction is also pretty stunning, it features a flexible, 42-inch, 5-ply laminated bamboo deck for smooth riding and sharp turns. Clear grip tape keeps you on the board and shows off that sweet, sweet bamboo.

Sector 9 Rocker

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 Loaded Longboards – the next level of experience

One more manufacturer that should be taken into serious consideration, when talking about the best longboard brands, is Loaded Longboards

Loaded Dervish Sama Flex Longboard

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This company provides a completely different level of longboards – they present a new age of riding with supreme quality products. True – the Loaded Longboards are a bit on the expensive side, but one thing is for sure – they are worth every single penny and will prove it straight out of the box, in all terrain and conditions!

This company, which provides the most luxurious and worthwhile longboards out there, is willing to go the extra mile and guarantee the quality of each product they make.

Every longboard comes with a one-year guarantee and, if any skater for any reason feels that the board they have purchases does not meet their standards, Loaded Longboards take the time to personally discuss the issue and solve the problem as best as they can. In this case, more money absolutely means better quality and there is hardly a skater that would disagree.

Loaded Longboards also have some really amazing new things going on in 2018. This year their inspiration comes from the precision and hardcore perseverance of Buddhism. The result are two stunning boards – the Bhangra and Khantaka. The first one is an ergonomic board, perfect for freeriding and dancing. It is super lightweight, which makes it ever more maneuverable and compact enough to facilitate the smoothest of slides. It has a mellow concave and damp flex, which makes it as comfortable as they come.

Loaded Bhangra Longboard

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The second Loaded Longboards surprise is the Khantaka – its strength, agility and ability to gain incredibly speeds in a matter of seconds will amaze any skater who knows his boards. Khantaka is a board made for freeriding and street skating, as it gives the skater the ability to journey into a speedy, kick-flipping blend of the two disciplines. Its composite construction, ergonomic design and comfortable shape make this longboard a unique innovation.

Loaded Khantaka Longboard

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Riviera Longboards

The first company that is worthy of any real skater’s attention is Riviera.

Riviera Beta Fish

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The California based manufacturer has some very sought-after qualities such as sturdy principles and traditions in longboarding. They are a world-famous manufacturer that offers a wide variety of different boards that will suit styles and preferences.

An important thing is that the boards made by Riviera combine quality and budget-friendliness and that off course is something that should be taken in account. Each material that goes into their boards holds a high-quality guarantee and make for reasonable purchases, consistent with every riders lifestyle.

In 2014 year, Riviera came up with something amazing and really thrilling – a brand new downhill collection. It includes several longboards, all of which have great specs and guarantee the best downhill experience you can ever imagine.

Riviera Drop-Thru La Rana

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All of Riviera’s new downhill longboards are pro models and have been executed in a really stylish and memorable way – all of their graphics are tribal, which adds an almost spiritual connection with the surroundings when speeding down steep hills.

One of Riviera’s new masterpieces is the Ursa Minor Amanda Powell Pro Model – a longboard that combines the strength and sturdiness of a real wild bear with the flexibility and maneuverability that are trademark Riviera qualities. Its special feature is the HipBone mold, which guarantees a lot of stability without compromising high speeds.

Riviera Ursa Minor Amanda

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Another great piece from Riviera’s new collection is the Buffalo Blunt Kody Noble Pro Model. Its symmetrical design makes it very comfortable to ride and helps achieve great speeds, while always maintaining control over the board. The board also features double kicks, which means that freeriding and slides are also a breeze.

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The Gold Coast Longboards

The Gold Coast is definitely one of the best longboard companies in the market today. This company offers a variety of classy longboards to their cherished customers. Gold Coast, a California based company designs and manufactures cruises, apparel, fun on four wheels, two trucks, components, and transition skateboards.

Goldcoast Longboard

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The company makes their products using high-quality materials and breathtaking designs. Their wheels are crafted using a proprietary formula this giving riders consistent ride every time. Gold Coast longboards are a perfect choice for beginners looking to have some fun and adventure.


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You’ll feel like you could cruise forever on the Infinitas board, with its lightweight yet sturdy 7 ply Canadian Maple deck. The 28.5″ Infinitas has a 15″ wheelbase and comes equipped with cuntury C60 regular pivot trucks and 60mm cherry bomb wheels.

Yocaher Longboards

Established in 1975, in Chino, California city, Yocaher is surely a force to reckon with when it comes to longboards. This company gives any longboard rider almost everything and anything he or she needs. Yocaher is one stop shop for everything. They sell parts, bearings, decks, brakes, and an array of other customizable components. Yocaher decks are more than unique. They bring with them excellent styled longboard docks. Yocaher longboards are best suited for the downhill cruising enthusiasts since the deck is of an extremely strong maple wood.

Yocaher Longboards

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A great attribute of Yocaher longboards is their amazing balancing. This comes in handy in those long distance cruises and high acceleration moments. One of the best longboard companies, Yocaher produces durable produces because of their sturdiness. Yocaher, another great longboard brand has its own t-tool. This is a device that allows one to assemble their complete longboard real time.

YOCAHER Drop Through Longboard

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Their top five longboards are the complete longboard Kicktail, Yocaher professional, Yocaher Punked Stained, Special Graphic Complete longboard and the Yocaher Drop Through.

Krown Longboards

Krown generally produces the most exotic longboards in the market. Mostly, they are featured with Bamboo and maple construction. These longboards are best suited for those riders looking for strength, sturdiness, and rigidity.

Not only do Krown longboards look and feel awesome, but are also made using renewable resources.

Krown Krex Freestyle Longboard

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Multiple layers of bamboo envelopes make up the rigid deck that has an incredible flex point. An amazing attribute about Krown boards is the fact that their spare parts and components are readily available in the market. Consequently, users can easily replace them whenever they wear out.

The freestyle shape of these boards, from company is approximately 71mm wheels with speed bearings and trucks. Krown decks are normally coated with an extremely durable spray that is easily cleanable. If you are looking for speed, then Krown is your best bet.

Krown Sunset City Surf

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The top five Krown products are Krown Sunset City Surf, krown purple flame, krown wave crest pin, krown Rasta freestyle, and krown rookie complete.

Gravity Longboards

Gravity is a company whose products (decks, trucks, and wheels) exist in the USA. The company incorporation was in 1994 by Michael Bream. Gravity offers wheels and 27 different deck designs making it perfect longboard company. They are eco-friendly. Gravity made monofilament fibers to reduce air pollution and ingestion of airborne particles. Gravity does not use bamboo but rather V-LAM. These boards use water-based inks that keep the local waterways clean.

Supporting a team of 13 riders, gravity drives to be a green environment with high quality products.

Gravity Pintail Longboard Skateboard

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Gravity has several types of brands that are currently in use. You can rest assured that all Gravity models come from the best longboard company. Gravity Miura is a nimble speed stiff board with a bit chin tail making it. It has a 36.00”length, 10.00” width, and a wheelbase of 21.75”-23.75”. Its design is as maple and medium concave and a flexible stiff. It has a top mount and short wheelbase, which make the board super awesome for any free ride ground.

Gravity Miura Longboard

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This means with little skill, it is possible to mob some of the biggest hills that competing friends always fear. Gravity throws in sick tails that any tricks that pop or drop in at any skate are always possible. Gravity Miura is always the best rated. It gives skaters a time of their life when cruising; free riding, down hilling, pushing, and sliding thus making Gravity on of the best.

Have Great Riding Experience Choose From The Best Manufacturers

Even though every skater has different preferences, there are some manufacturers that have proven to be the best longboard brands, as their products are always full of fascinating surprises that make for some crazy rides.

No matter how good a skater’s skills, riding sessions won’t amount to much without a truly quality longboard and this brands go out of their way to provide it.


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