TOP 4 Best Electric Longboards 2018 – The New Era Longboarding

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric SkateboardLongboards have been around for about 40 years or more. What can be confirmed though, is that they first gained popularity in the late 70s when a small group of longboarders got honored by a SkateBoarder magazine in 1978.

Tom Sims and Brad Stradlund promoted longboarding as form of self expression it is said that they were largely influenced by surfing.

At the time, longbarding was kind of an underground sport and did not get big recognition. But in the early 1990s, Sector 9 started mass producing and selling longboards.

I think none of these guys at that time could have imagined that someday longboards would become electrical and we wouldn’t have to ride them like they were ridden in the 70s.

An electric longboard is a modified longboard that is propelled by an electric engine. The thrust of which is usually controlled with an RF remote. As with a regular board, it is steered with the riders shift his weight.

It was originally designed for local transport, but with the advent of more serious off road models it is quickly emerging as a new thrill sport. Offroad style boards are able to traverse grass, gravel, dirt, and hard sand.

How it started?

In the late 1990’s, a guy named Luie Finkle, aka Electric Luie, invented and patented the wireless electric skateboard.

From handmade electronics and a 100% original brushed motor design to the world’s first torsion trucks – Louie made the first revolutionary electric board.

Back then, most things electical had cords and lithium battery technology was still in its infancy. Louie combined wireless technology, speed, and power with stability and reliability to make Exkate.

Some of the worlds best electric longboards

In 2015, the world of electric longboards has evolved to a huge market where most options are available for the same price. The problem buyers today have is choosing the board that’s best for them.

We’ve compiled a list of the best riding boards you can choose from for your ease.

Yuneec E – Go Cruiser

Yuneec E-GO Best Electric Skateboard

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Yuneec is one of the biggest electric longboard sellers in the world. Many believe and agree that they make the lightest electric board in the universe called e – go cruiser.

It is considered the best electric longboard available today. With a blend between speed, elegance, and an advanced ecological system, this board is especially designed to take you anywhere.

Just take a look at it, in our full review

Boosted Board

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

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Boosted might be the next best board when compared to the E – Go.Some people would even debate that it is better than E – Go Cruiser.

From the outside, the Boosted Board looks like just a regular longboard – a skateboard made to more closely mimic surfing.

But from underneath, it is a completely different beast which has the potential to redefine personal transportation. Boosted currently comes in three different models starting with the Single Boosted for $999, Boosted Dual for $1,299, and Boosted Dual+ for $1,499.

Marbel Board

Marbel skateboard

Marbel also claims to be the lightest, fastest, and most advanced electric skateboard in the world. They say that “The entire Marbel Board weighs in at a record setting 10 pounds.

Lighter than any electric vehicle in the world. It has enough power to go 25 MPH, will take you up to 16 miles per charge, and all of the electronics and batteries are completely integrated into the carbon fiber composite deck.

On top of that, it connects with your smartphone to fully customize your riding style and even track rides on your Marbel board.”


Inboard skateboard

Last, but not least, I want to recommend Inboard made longboards. Inboardskate came out wiht the world’s first powered longboard with motors inside the wheels.

“Through the concentrated and collaborative efforts of designers, engineers, and athletes, Inboard has created a powered skateboard that looks and feels like a traditional non-powered skateboard.

This is accomplished through the use of the patented Manta Drive™, in-wheel direct drive, motor assembly. Inboard seeks to create lightweight transportation technology that flows,”

says the manager of their page.

Inboard is comparitively a new company in the business, but they have managed to get their name on the on the map already.

Electric longboards are becoming more and more popular in our society, because more and more people see them as a great way to travel across the city.

If you love riding your board, but might find it too exhausting to take to work then electric boards are perfect for you.

Of course it is much more expensive than a regular one, but it will give you the freedom you need when riding it.


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