30 Reasons Why You Need a Longboard in Your Life

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You’ve never really experienced true freedom unless you’ve traveled on your longboard to places you never thought you would.

Longboarding is much more than grabbing a longboard and hitting the skate park.

Longboarding is a culture which is not just popular among young individuals, but people in their mature ages as well.

It overcomes the traditional gender segregation and creates a sense of unity among longboarders, which makes it nothing less than a contemporary culture.

Here are 30 reasons why you absolutely need a longboard in your life!

1. Liberty

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Freedom is to act, think, and speak as one pleases, but liberty is to live a life according to your own principles and interests without traditional, moral, and social constraints.

Longboarding defines freedom and liberty as anyone who longboards realizes that they are in a stage of life where they can influence their decisions as they please.

Longboarding also gives you freedom of transportation as you can travel just about anywhere and everywhere quickly!

2. Balance

balance concept

You know as a fact that you can’t defy gravity, but you can always achieve what others fail to, with longboarding.

Longboarding can significantly promote balance as it improves hand eye coordination, visual transmission, somatosensory system, vestibular system, and of course, the musculoskeletal system.

As such, longboarding may be helpful in a situation where you have to balance to save your life, and even if you don’t face such a situation, good balance is an indicator of good health!

3. Awareness

Because of improved hand eye coordination and balance, a longboarder is generally more aware of his/her surroundings than an average person.

Awareness improves understanding of your body movements and the environment around you, which is definitely a great skill to learn in real life, not to mention for playing video games!

4. Cardio

Longboarding is the perfect dose of daily cardio that you need to improve stamina, lung capacity, and general health.

Regular cardio helps you keep weight gains at bay when combined with exercises. It can promote your range of motion and flexibility as well. With longboarding, you get cardio and regular exercise in an action packed way!

[tweetthis]With longboarding, you get cardio and regular exercise in an action packed way![/tweetthis]

5. Lower Body Strength


While longboarding works out various muscles in the body, the most significant impact is experienced in the lower body and core muscles.

With a strong lower body, you are basically a stronger person in general. In other words, you can jump higher, run faster, reduce the risk of injuries, and build some muscle mass quite easily and effectively.

6. Washboard Abs

Speaking of muscle mass, one little known fact about longboarding is that it provides a complete ab workout.

With good nutrition, you can get rock hard, washboard abs, within no time, as compared to working out in the gym. So the next time you’re hitting the beach, you will definitely be the eye candy!

7. Agility


In the simplest of words, agility makes life much easier for you.

You are more flexible, your range of motion has increased, and you don’t find it difficult to move around even in the tightest of spots. On top of that, you are faster than you ever were now that you longboard and this helps you get around places quite easily.

8. Explosive Power

Explosive power is basically how fast you are able to accelerate from a standstill, such as jumping, short bursts of sprint, and so on.

Explosive power is when your lower body and core muscles are aligned with your body in proper coordination, which happens when you master the Ollie and board flips on a longboard.

Explosive power has many applications in sports and is a top priority in NBA athletes!

9. Overall Fitness

training concept

When longboarding is combined with occasional exercise and good nutrition, you can improve muscle mass and reduce body fat more effectively.

On top of that, longboarding is great for cardio as well, despite what some people may claim that you’re not basically doing cardio. Overall, longboarding can improve your general health and keep diseases at bay.

10. Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is just one of value added benefits of being a longboarder, and the best part is that it’s universal.

Whenever you see the opposite sex longboarding, you know as a fact that they have a rocking body and are all about action.

After all, longboarding is an action based sport, so getting some action post boarding is something you should be getting used to!

11. Saves Time

traffic jam

Getting stuck in traffic is never really a pleasing sight, even more so when you’re living in a major metropolis.

Don’t let the traffic and delays hinder you from getting to your points of interest in the quickest time possible.

Longboarding helps you sail across busy roads like they don’t even exist!

[tweetthis]Longboarding helps you sail across busy roads like they don’t even exist![/tweetthis]

12. Saves Money

save money

On average, you may save up to $1,000 on traveling if you stop using your personal car daily, which includes fuel, maintenance, and other running costs.

Not just that, but since you are able to get just about anywhere and everywhere, you won’t really be needing the subway or other methods of transportation either.

As a result, your monthly and long term costs decrease significantly while your health improves drastically at the same time!

13. Convenient Commute

You’re probably thinking about how longboarding is a convenient form of commute. Well, the answer is simple – longboards are much faster than skateboards, and more durable as well.

As such, it is easier to get around different parts of town and explore your surroundings without giving your lower back reasons to complain as it would when you’re cruising on a skateboard!

14. Carving Pleasure

A longboard is definitely one of the best types of boards for carving.

In fact, the soft urethane bushing in longboards can help you carve in wave form.

If you don’t fancy carving, or don’t have the technical skills for it yet, you can also propel forward downhill. Not only is it fun, but carving will reinforce all the health benefits listed above.

15. Quick Getaways

Want to escape a bully?

Someone stole your purse?

The cops are chasing you for the wrong reasons?

If these are your everyday dilemmas, then don’t think twice and get a longboard to give yourself the acceleration, speed, and movement that you need for evasion and pursuits.

16. Multi-Terrain

Probably one of the biggest yet most underrated benefits of longboarding is that you can take it just about anywhere and everywhere.

Most longboards available today are all-terrain, and help you ride easily on roads, alleys, sidewalks, paths, dirt, grass, light snow, and more.

In other words, you get to choose how you want to travel from point A to point B, unlike pedestrians who are restricted to the sidewalk or cars that are restricted to the roads.

17. Ergonomic

Longboards are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

However, one common trait in all long boards is the ergonomics. That said, you should choose a longboard that is suited to your height and weight and offers foot resting comfort for superior ergonomics.

18. Environment Friendly


Think about it this way – with long boarding, you drive less, commute less, and emit lower CO2 emissions.

Longboarding is one of the few forms of transportation that make no contribution to the carbon footprint. On top of that, longboards incorporate technology to fuse natural materials that further reduce the impact.

As a result, you consciously become environment friendly!

19. Portable

Even the heaviest longboards weigh at only 20 pounds, and unlike bikes, longboards can be carried easily under the arms.

In other words, you can take your longboard just about anywhere and everywhere, since it’s lightweight and offers superior portability.

20. Highly Durable

Most longboards last a minimum of 2 years, not because they deteriorate, but because longboarders want to upgrade their ride.

Generally speaking, a good longboard should last up to 10 years, depending on how much you use and maintain it in the long term.

21. Exploration

Longboarding gives you the motivation to explore the world around you in a way that you never have before.

You can now go to new neighborhoods, parts, venues, hills, and natural destinations around your town.

Longboarding is probably one of the best ways to experience the surroundings around you at a fast pace!

22. Thrilling

The adrenaline rush of riding your longboard is compared to none, mainly because other riding boards are specific to a terrain or weather, but that’s not the case withlongboards!

You can Ollie from higher altitudes, speed down mountainous regions and hills, carve on half pipes, and do much more. In simple words, longboarding is the very definition of thrill.

23. Make New Friends

longboard community

Perhaps the best reason why you need to own a longboard is that you get to make some cool and lifelong friends.

Longboarders are generally seen traveling in packs and begin to share common interests, passions, fun, activities, music, culture, and much more.

As a result, the friends you make with longboarding are the friends who stick with you the longest!

24. Community

Once you become a part of the longboarding circle in your town, you are actually becoming part of a community of people who share common interests, passions, and cultural values.

Longboarding communities in your locality and online can help you pursue your passions and provide the support when you need the most.

25. Opportunity to Go Professional

Of course, if you turn out to be an amazing longboarder, you always have the opportunity to go professional.

The extreme sport scene has only grown in the past two decades, and each passing year shows that this sports sector is becoming mainstream.

As a result, there are many competitions that you can participate in, including racing, time tracking, trick competitions, half pipes, and big air. In other words, if you want to turn professional, you can actually make a good living out of longboarding!

26. Decision Making

Longboarders, or any extreme athletes for that matter, have a better sense of critical thinking than the average person.

[tweetthis]Longboarders have a better sense of critical thinking than the average person.[/tweetthis]

This is because longboarders live a fast paced and action packed lifestyle where a millisecond delay in decision making could turn out to be devastating.

This is why longboarders are great in quick decision making, which turns out to be the best decision under the given circumstances. This can translate to good decision making in general life that can help you avoid bad situations.

27. All Weather

Longboards are known for their all-weather make, which means that there is no single day of the year when you can’t longboard.

Unless it’s snowing heavily in your town, you can longboard even in mild snow. While bad weather will have an impact on the conditioning of your longboard, regular maintenance can significantly extend its usable life.

28. Emergency Response

Little known fact about longboarders is that they are one of the first people to respond to emergencies.

[tweetthis]Little known fact about longboarders is that they are one of the first people to respond to emergencies.[/tweetthis]

As a longboarder, you will learn more about your body and will probably learn about basic safety and how to use the first aid kit. As a result, when you see a medical emergency, you may be able to lend a helping hand by providing quick response first aid.

29. Filming

GoPro cameras have made it easier for action sportspeople to record amazing footages of their escapades and adrenaline fueled adventures.

You can always get a GoPro camera and record your cruises, tricks, and explorations.

Once you feel you have good volume of footages, you can create a single great video with fast paced music and get some love on YouTube!

If not, you still have something that you will be proud of, for probably the rest of your life.

30. Live the Life!

Longboarding is the ultimate definition of freedom, and living your life to the fullest.

Take your longboard anywhere and everywhere and discover nature and architecture at its best. While buying a good longboard is an investment, it is one that will pay off exceptionally well in the long term.

So when you’ll look back, you won’t have any regrets with the decisions you made!


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