6 Tips for Breaking into Longboarding

Longboarding TipsIf you’ve been a skateboarder for some time, or even if you’re new to board sports, welcome to the smooth sweep of longboarding. Read More »


Top Longboards on the Market

LongboardLongboarding is becoming more and more popular amongst people of all ages. Whether you want a longboard for cruising or downhill rides, and whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is a board for you. Read More »


Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Longboard Enthusiasts

feet-hipster-longboard-skateboardIf you have a longboarder in your life, here are some great holiday shopping ideas for any budget. Included are the top 10 recommendations for longboard accessories, decks, wheels, and safety equipment for your longboarding enthusiast….Read More »


Top 10 Penny-Style Boards Under $50

Top 10 Penny-Style Boards Under $50Are you looking for a new skateboard that’s compact, durable and just plain fun to ride? Penny boards encompass all that while also being affordable and looking great. Because they’re made of high-density plastic, these little boards are light but made to withstand a lot of pressure. To help you find the perfect penny board, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten. No matter your budget or personal style, there’s bound to be one for you!…Read More »


Best Longboard Shoes and Their Brands 2016

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 9 EliteWhen longboarding become a truly important part of riders life, there are more things that have to be taken into account, in order to get the most out of this beautiful lifestyle. What I want to say is that there are many different factors that affect ones riding experience. And there is no doubt that the shoes you wear is one of them…Read More »

4 Longboards You Want To Get Your Hands On

Loaded Tesseract Cantellated LongboardIt is well known that we can divide all longboard in different categories. And when one makes the decision to get his hands on a new board, we tend to look at boards within one of these categories. It just makes it easier to make the final decision after finding the board that should be… the right one…Read More »

How you can Slide on a Longboard


I know, learning how to slide your longboard might seem scary at the beginning. But it isdefinitely not something you couldn’t learn, if you put the required effort in getting your board to slide as you control it perfectly. Of course, to do so, eventually it comes down to you going out and doing the best you can. But before You do so..Read More »

Sector 9 vs Landyatchz Longboards

Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land longboardSector 9 and Landyatchz are two of the most recognizable and most popular longboard brands in the market. The two brands are a favorite with riders for their different characteristics and features…Read More »

Arbor Longboards vs Sector 9 Longboards

Arbor Shakedown longboardArbor and Sector 9 longboards are some of the most popular longboards in the market. The two however have some differences as well as similarities. From their history to their longboards, this article shall shed light on those differences and similarities…Read More »

Top 7 Best Longboards for Cruising and Carving

Bamboo Landyatchz Pinner LongboardThere are many types of riders and styles of riding and even larger number of longboards. Different types of board are best suited for different types of riders and riding styles. A reasonable question to ask here is what are the best longboards for cruising and carving? This is because almost all riders with different skills are bound to be found cruising…Read More »

Selecting Great Longboards for Heavy Riders

Landyachtz Drop HammerWhen it comes to the selection of longboards for great riding experience, one must take many factors into consideration. They include the components of a longboard and its characteristics, the rider and the riding surface. When it comes to longboards, the most important factors are usually the deck, wheels and trucks. The riding surface is important in determine which kind of longboard is best suited to the surface… Read More »

More facts and stats about longboarding (infographic)

More Longboarding FactsA new infographic with more facts and statistics to learn about longboarding, in order to get to know it better. Who are the riders, what they ride and how they benefit from choosing to ride a longboard… Read More »

Longboard Concave Innovations

concave gold coast longboardLongboarding, as we all know, is a pastime that is becoming more and more popular. Longboard manufacturing companies are growing rapidly, and they are all competing to offer the best possible riding experience to longboard users. This is great news for both beginners and advanced longboarders, as new features make longboarding easier to learn for novices and help experts get more out of their board… Read More »

Selecting the best penny board for the best riding experience

Yellow Penny Board and BackpackThere are many types of boards that one can use for riding. They include longboards, skateboards and penny boards to name but a few. Additionally, the boards come in different shapes, sizes and features, providing a rider with many options to select from depending on their preferences. While having a lot of choices and variety is great for riders, it can also lead to choice paralysis, where so many choices exists one is unable to determine which choice to go for. This article shall be a review of two of the greatest penny boards in the market… Read More »

A Comprehensive Guide on Selecting The Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

Longboarding slideSelecting longboard wheels is important in determining one’s longboarding experience. Depending on one’s riding style and the surface they are riding on, some wheels are more suitable than others. A rider may not be able to do much about the riding surface but they have more choice when it comes to longboard wheels… Read More »

Amazing Drop Through Longboards 2018 for All Types of Riders

Xtreme Free Professional Speed Downhill Drop Through Complete Longboard SkateboardThe mounting of a longboard affects a rider’s longboarding experience to a great extent. The deck style determines the stability, maneuverability, riding smoothness and effort required when using a longboard. Generally, the lower the deck, the more stable the riding experience especially at high speeds… Read More »

W Concave Longboards for Great Riding Experiences

Loaded Tesseract 2015 LongboardConcaves are important in increasing a rider’s grip to the board. A concave is achieved by raising the rails or edges of a longboard. A W concave is achieved by placing two concave sections next to each other. This further increases the rider’s grip to the board, increasing stability. Below are some amazing longboards that have a W concave design… Read More »

Why 2017 is the Year of the Electric Skateboard!

electric longboard2015 was a huge year for the electronic transportation space and after the release of the hover-board, the seed of a cheap, portable transportation device has been planted in everyone’s minds… Read More »

A List of Some of the Best Longboards for Beginners

guide for beginners title handwritten with white chalk on a blackboardThere are many brands and types of longboards available in the market. However, they are meant to cater for different types of riders. Some longboards favor certain styles. Others are more suited to riders of a certain level of skill. For beginners, it is important to know which kind of longboard is best suited to your needs… Read More »

Different Factors That Affect Longboarding Experience

longboarderThere are many factors that affect longboarding experience. For the best experience, one should know these factors in order to learn to use them in their favor… Read More »

Selecting a Downhill Longboard – TOP 5 Boards For You

Landyachtz Longboard Complete Evo 2015The best style of longboarding depends a lot on the experience of the rider and the desired speed of riding. The styles are not strictly clear-cut and aspects and techniques of different styles tend to carry over. The order of advancement in styles of longboarding goes from cruising to freestyle to freeride and finally downhill riding… Read More »

Are You Ready For Winter?

snowboarderSome might advise you to ride your longboard while you can, because winter is coming! …but that is not the case for Eric Chernushenko, who has proven, that longboarding is all season sport…. Read More »

Few Facts About Longboarding (Infographic)

Longboarding Infographic ThumbnailIf you think you know everything about longboarding, check out these facts and statistics… Read More »

30 Reasons Why You Need a Longboard in Your Life

Young hipster with longboardYou’ve never really experienced true freedom unless you’ve traveled on your longboard to places you never thought you would. Longboarding is much more than grabbing a longboard and hitting the skate park. Longboarding is a culture which is not just popular among young individuals, but people in their mature ages as well…. Read More »

Hoverboard – We have all been waiting for this!

Lexus HoverboardThe movie ‘Back to the Future’ was made by Robert Zemeckis back in 1985, but is very popular even today. There was a scene in the movie, where the main character called Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, was riding a hoverboard…. Read More »

TOP4 Best Electric Longboards 2015 – The New Era Longboarding

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric SkateboardIn 2015, the world of electric longboards has evolved to a huge market where most options are available for the same price. The problem buyers today have is choosing the board that’s best for them…. Read More »

Even Cops and Robbers are Longboarding

Police ChaseYou must have seen a bunch of videos where the bad guy is running away from the police in a stolen car. Almost always, the scene is filmed from a helicopter throughout the chase. Looks kinda a like movie scene, right? But I’m confident that you have never seen a video where… Read More »

Parenting For The Ones Who Are Active

Quinny longboardstrollerOk, so there are two things I never thought I would talk about in a single article. Longboarding and parenting! You see, what I want to know is if both longboarding and great parenting can be combined on an everyday basis… Read More »

Board Features and Longboard Deck Types

Rocker Longboard DeckAs the world of longboarding keeps growing, manufacturers get better at making boards more functional, comfortable and better looking. New features and manufacturing processes keep coming out to the market… Read More »

How To Clean Your Longboard Bearings

Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing LubricantSometimes folk will say being fast is all about having fast rolling bearings. While this is not true, it’s still important to keep your bearings rolling like they’re supposed to. With time bearing will collect dust and other contaminants, their lubricant will dry and they’ll be noticeably slower…. Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Boarding for Beginners

A mountainboarder in mid air with a deep blue skyMountain boarding is one of the most demanding extreme sports physically, but equally fulfilling at the same time. Terrain extreme sports have evolved tremendously with new technology and gear, and we are now seeing new sports emerge because the appropriate gear is now available. If you ever wondered what it was like to roll down mountains at high velocities, you can experience that now thanks to mountain boards…. Read More »

Who Says Women Can’t Longboard?

Longboarding GirlIf you have ever been skateboarding, or in this instance, longboarding, you would know it as a fact that it is much more than an extreme sport. It is more of a culture that has always been welcoming to women, but only in recent years, have we seen an upsurge in the number of female longboarders… Read More »

The History of Longboarding

girl with longboardThe longboarding is an action riding on a longer board than a usual skateboard. A longboard has a noticeably greater size than its counterpart, the skateboard. Other main differences within these two boards is that longboards have greater stability, traction and durability thankfully to the fact that longboards have much larger wheels and lower durometrs… Read More »

Non Universal Nuts – Where Lifestyle Meets Ingenuity

Girl on longboardLongboarding is more than its tricks, disciplines, and competitions. It’s a mode of transportation and a way of life. Its versatility has inspired people to create new products that improve old designs, reinvent the board, and enhance aesthetics… Read More »

Longboarding in a Few Words – Infographic

Longboarding in a Few Words - InfographicTaking a small look inside the world of longboards with the very basics in a few words. For those, who have just heard about longboarding and are having some interest. To raise the interest even more it is important to know the very basic things…Read More »

Best Downhill Longboards For You – TOP 5

Loaded Tesseract LongboardDownhill is one of the hottest disciplines when it comes longboarding, but let’s face it, sometimes is hard to find the best downhill longboards that provide you high quality of speed and stability. In order to find them, you need to understand the basic concepts of downhill…Read More »

Introduction into the World of Longboard Racing

downhill longboard racingAs in every sport there is a level that simply stands out as the ultimate achievement in the sport. With longboarding, there are trick contests and racing. This article’s purpose is to give an overview of the events, courses, and safety issues, which are all parts of the fast growing arena of longboard racing…Read More »

Best Longboards for Beginners – TOP 10

The Atom drop kick longboard 39When you’re looking for the best longboards for beginners, think safety above all else. Buying good quality boards with well-engineered components is vital to safety. You may not be familiar with the types of boards or what their advantages are though this guide will help you….Read More »

Best Cheap Longboards Under 100$ – TOP5

Atom Pintail LongboardSkateboarding is a sport that requires control and maintaining dynamic balance on the board. This sport is an activity that allows jumps and tricks, therefore, require protection equipment properly and preferably reliable skateboard. But, recently due to the increasing popularity longboards prices decreased and many high quality best cheap longboards appeared on the market….Read More »

Nobody Liked To Reach The Hospital

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber HelmetAny professional could agree about the importance of using protective equipment when it comes extreme sports. If you practice skateboarding, longboarding, BMX, snowboarding or whatever, the use of helmet and protective equipment is a must if you don’t want to reach the hospital…Read More »

The World’s First Lean Skateboard

lean skateboardThere is constant development in the technology of skateboarding. Of course there is still the board and four wheels. But there are some things that are changing. And the one things we are all always happy about is some innovation in the smoothness of your riding experience …Read More »

Skate Park’s Guide for Longboarders

skateparkThere is relatively large chance of accidents happening when longboarders use skateparks, while they are trying to apply the rules of cruising to skatepark environment. And that is not the way to go here. Because when you are going to use a skatepark as your playground, you should follow the few simple rules, that will make it easier for everyone to enjoy the dayRead More »

Worlds’s First Longboard Park

worlds first lonbgoard skateparkWe are all used to seeing all kinds of skateparks and BMX parks. But it seems like the world has forgot about us, the longboarders. The only places we have are still the streets. Or so it was up until now. This is definitely the one thing we all have to be proud and excited about. The worlds first longboard park….Read More »

The Best Electric Skateboard 2014 – E-GO Cruiser

Yuneec E-GO Best Electric SkateboardMay this be the best electric skateboard so far? Well it definitely feels like it is. An elegant design, speed and durability is what makes the E-GO cruiser so damn special. A board that will take you from Point A to point B using new technology. Let’s just say it – the future of city transportation is here.Read More »

TOP 5 Freeride Longboards

Sector 9 Dropper 41There are several types of specialized longboards for everyone to choose from. Each one of them in a way is suited for exact style of riding. And today we would like to take a look at one of these types. Freeride. What are the essentials that differ a freeride longboard from other boards? And why should you choose to get yourself on one of these? Well, here are the answers.Read More »

Penny Nickel Skateboard

Penny Nickel Board DesignPenny Nickel Skateboard is exactly what you are looking for if you are willing to get your hands on something fun, classic and a bit different at the same time. It is the perfect blend of stability and speed that makes this board so special. And of course, the beautiful design, completely in plastic. It is just the thing for those who want to go old school and for those who are simply looking for a stable board that is great for cruising.Read More »

Best Longboard Brands

Loaded Bhangra Flex LongboardWhenever you have to invest some money in anything, for example a longboard, you want to gain a high quality product that won’t let you down. Therefore you look for well known manufacturers that can provide you with the kind of quality you want. The best doesn’t always mean it has to be the most expensive, but it will cost more than all the low quality products. All I can say is – look for manufacturers with great experience when looking for the greatest brand…Read More »

Churchill LTD Longboards

Churchill LTDHaving some pretty great features the LTD is a good choice. Of course, there are some of those drawbacks that we don’t like. But there is no board in the market that would be absolutely perfect. In this article, longboard rider Josie shares his thoughts about this board, that he says, for several reasons is spectacular…Read More »

Best Longboards for Girls

Loaded Dervish Sama LongboardCan girls ride longboards? Of course they can. And they do. In fact some manufacturers have even designed special boards that are more suitable for girls. Of course they might as well choose to use any other longboard on the market. But there is something about these special longboards that just makes them more.. girly. An we are not talking about pink decks and shiny wheels….Read More »

King Of Downhill Slide – Sergio Yuppie Story

Sergio YuppieThe guy who made sparks with crashing his helmet on the asphalt while sliding. The simple guy who dedicated his life to perfect his style of riding. The crazy skateboard and longboard rider from Brazil – Sergio Yuppie or as many people would say “The King Of Downhill Slide”. This is the story of one of the greatest riders we have ever seen. As a kid, Sergio traded his bike for a board – this certainly is the best decision he has ever made.Read More »

Sector 9 Longboards – great experience for high quality

Sector 9 mini Shaka 2014 redThe number of companies that offer you different types of longboards is growing as this extreme sport is gaining the worldwide popularity. And as there are so many longboards in the market, you might want to know, how to find the company that will provide you with a high quality longboard. Well, you should look for a company with long experience in the business.Read More »

Longboard vs. Skateboard

Longboard vs. skateboard – the highly controversial topic that divides the type of extreme sport enthusiasts in two groups of riders. Yes, at the first sight both of these activities might appear similar, but the truth is that they hold some highly important differences – the boards, the places to ride, style of riding etc. While longboarding is only gaining the popularity worldwide, the question of which style of riding to choose is getting more and more popular as well.Read More »

The Best Longboarding Places in the US – downhill longboarding

Longboarding is the type of extreme sport that gives you the chance to enjoy riding in various different places in different styles. And there is no doubt that you can gain the best dose of adrenaline when going downhill in high-speed. It gets even better if you manage to find a perfect place to enjoy the great experience of downhill longboarding. And yes, there are some places that stand out from all the hills that give you the chance to ride your board in high-speed.Read More »