Eightbit Longboard Reviews: Characteristics And Comparison

eightbit longboard

An Eightbit longboard is one of the most well-known and classic longboard available in the market today.

Eightbit’s hard to miss bright colors, wheels and overall performance is hard to beat in the world of skateboarding these days. It is no wonder that the popularity of these longboards is on a continuous exponential growth pattern and the company completely blows the crowd away with their five star reviews all over the Internet.

Eightbit is a company that is 100% about providing the best quality product complete with exceptional customer service. The manufacturing company presents a vast variety of longboards for its users to pick and customers love the multitude of board types they are able to choose from.

In this Eightbit longboard review, we will discuss pros, cons and other features of the Eightbit model that we love. In order to best inform and educate people when it comes to the company’s product and customer service.

We will delve into what sets Eightbit apart from the rest, the key components that make up an Eightbit, the most popular Eightbit models and other important factors regarding Eightbit longboards.

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What Makes an Eightbit Longboard Different?

Eightbit longboards are in a class of their own accord.

They provide intricate designs and well thought out components that make them some of the best in the business. There are many different types of styles, designs and sizes that we will discuss in greater depth. The bright colors are one of the most loved features of the board, because they are always so fun and easy to spot!

Eightbit is a company that works to please every single one of its customers.

It prides itself on tremendous customer service and a board that will fit the needs of riders old and new alike. If you decide to join the Eightbit club or are already a dedicated fan, it is not a shock why Eightbit longboards can be seen on top longboard lists worldwide.

Eightbit longboards pride themselves on being a trustworthy and quality-driven company that has been pleasing its customers for years and years. The company produces longboards that offer stability and unmatched maneuverability.

Key Components of Eightbit Longboards 

There are many key components that set Eightbit longboards apart from the others. Solid stability, tranquil maneuverability and easy push offs are some of our favorite attributes of Eightbit longboards. The most popular model Eightbit designs and manufactures is probably their Eightbit 41-inch drop down complete longboard.

This fully stocked longboard allows for overall flexibility with less distance from the ground. Its deck is made using eight-ply maple instead of the typical seven-ply, allowing for more durability. The deck is molded to allow for easier control, easier push offs and easier maneuverability.

The board is designed with electrostatic coated aluminum heavy-duty alloy trucks, some of the best on the market. The Eightbit longboard comes fully assembled, something you just do not see in the skateboarding world today. The bearings feature ABEC-7 status, which allows for a sturdier and smoother ride.

Something riders find extremely useful about the Eightbit models. Is that they are equally equipped for cruising as well as commuting around town. Take your Eightbit to work or on a cruise around the park. Again, the Eightbit decks feature a more durable eight-ply laminated tape which measures 9.75” by 41.25." A size usable for riders of all calibers.

The low center of gravity offered by Eightbit Longboards makes for improved focus, stability and control. You really cannot go wrong when buying and cruising an Eightbit longboard model.

Another huge component to Eightbit longboards are the wide variety of colors, shapes and designs you can buy.

Newcomers are drawn to the bright blues, oranges and bright neon shades that Eightbit boards flaunt. And if you are anything like me, looks matter! These retro boards are not only quality rides but they also are fun to look at. Which is a huge buying factor.

Now, let us dive into what we all really care about when it comes to buying something – the price!


The price of a product is key in determining the product’s quality, worth and longevity. Eightbit prides them on being the master of the pioneers of skateboard manufacturers. The Eightbit 41 inch drop down complete longboard is so popular. That is in actually sold out on Amazon right-now (what!). So join the club if you are trying to add this legend of a board to your board club.

Typically, Eightbit’s are priced in the range of $-$. But they are currently out of stock on Amazon so pricing information is pretty much nil. If you are patient enough and really want an Eightbit longboard to call your own. Just keep checking Amazon and hope that new boards get added sooner rather than later.


Safety is a huge component of Eightbit Longboards’ business model. They always bring the safest products to their consumers, which is something we really respect about the company. The company is always using the newest technology. To bring their customers the safest hardware and products on the planet. And you can see this in their reviews and popularity.

Because of the Eightbit’s thoughtful design, they are capable of riding any style of skating. Including freeriding/sliding, cruising, down hilling, free style, etc.

We all know that safety is one of the most important features when it comes to riding a longboard.

You are already hurling yourself at high speeds over concrete with constant obstacles standing in your way. With an Eightbit board, you can rest assured that stability, maneuverability and safety are in the highest priority for the company. And mothers can sleep easier at night when their children are riding Eightbit longboards.

Types of Eightbit Longboard

There are many different types of Eightbit longboard. Here we will break down some of our favorites. To better help you in your quest to figure out which style is the best match for you and your longboarding style.

By far the most popular of Eightbit’s longboard styles is the Eightbit 41-inch drop down complete longboards.

This particular model offers a stylish cruise with a drop-down deck. The drop down deck and longer board allows for more stability, more established control and an easier push off.

The Eightbit 41-inch drop down complete is out of stock

Because it is closer to the ground, it allows for easier push offs and overall less fatigue. Less fatigue means more skating and more skating means more fun. The fully assembled board comes ready to ride and offers a one-year warranty.



  • Great for cruising, commuting and carving
  •  Bearings were ok but would recommend getting new ones asap





The Eightbit Banana Retro Skate Board Is Out-Of-Stock

Try This Alternative

Another favorite Eightbit model is the Eightbit Banana Retro Skate Board. This board offers a retro-style waffle grip plastic deck that measures 7.5” by 27.”

The 3” wide aluminum trucks and 59mm 78a urethane-cored wheels. Offer a smooth and efficient cruise. The board includes a high-tensile allen key and ABEC-6 high-speed precision stainless steel bearings.



  • Board includes a high-tensile allen keyand ABEC-6 high-speed precision stainless steel bearings
  • Its length is unsuitable for general pushing around.





The Eightbit 27-inch complete retro skateboard offers similar specs to the banana board but has 4-inch wide aluminum trucks, giving the board a larger surface area.

This board is one of Eightbit’s most vibrant decks with bright purple wheels and a bright teal deck. The board is 27” long and 7.5” wide and offers a retro-style waffle grip plastic deck. That is lightweight and easy to transport.



  • Board includes a high-tensile allen key
  •  Feels shaky in terms of board strength





The Eightbit 22-inch Complete Skateboard Is Out-Of-Stock

Try This Instead

The Eightbit 22-inch complete skateboard is one of the most popular boards the company makes and one of the highest rated too.

The rating has a 4.6 star review on Amazon and the only reason it is not at a 5. Is because of the unrealistic standards of people who reviewed the board.

The deck is flexible, durable and provides a smooth ride over any surface. The eight-ply plastic deck is one of the most durable in the market. And this is proven through the insanely amazing reviews this product receives time and time again.



  • 3 inch wide aluminum trucks
  •  Board has some flaws





Conclusion Eightbit Longboard

Finally, it is not a surprise that Eightbit designs and manufactures some of the best quality. And most reasonably priced longboards on the market today.

Accordingly, this fact is so true that every single board is sold out on Amazon. And very hard to purchase. However, the company prides itself on being top in class when it comes to customer service. So don’t expect to wait too long for the boards to come back into availability.

Additionally, these vibrant and colorful boards are sure to please any longboarders. No matter the riding style or size needed to specifically please certain kinds of riders.

Furthermore, their designs and colorful boards become favorites from riders of all types. Whether this is your first time to buy a board our your 100th time to buy a board.

The fact of the matter is that Eightbit produces quality products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Their reviews online are off the charts and the product exudes those five star reviews immaculately.

Also, the versatile and range of boards Eightbit manufactures is quite extraordinary. And it is very impressive that they are able to maintain such high reviews from their customers.

They must be doing something right!

What else could you want in a board besides durability, control, a fun design and an affordable price tag?



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