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Madrid Longboards Review: 5 Of The Best

When it comes to cruising downhill, carving, or even sliding, you need to have a good board you can rely on to perform well and safely – a longboard like a Madrid Longboard. Why Madrid Longboards? Great question. And I promise to answer it in this Madrid Longboards review. But first, a few things you […]

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Globe Longboards Review – Best-Selling Boards You Need To Ride

1958. The year a wooden board was placed atop some wheels, bringing to life what is now commonly called the skateboard. Ever since then, skateboards have evolved and given birth to other forms of boards and wheels, mainly the cruiser and the longboard (like the popular Globe longboards). Each of these boards functions differently and […]

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Powell Peralta Longboards Review: Quality Downhill Racing Gear

COMPARISON TABLE Product Image Ratings Buy Product [amazon link=”B06XQB2SW9″ title=”Powell-Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai Skateboard Deck” /] [amazon fields=”B06XQB2SW9″ value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B06XQB2SW9″ value=”button”] [amazon link=”B06XJG3MKY” title=”Powell-Peralta Byron Essert Carbon Frog” /] [amazon fields=”B06XJG3MKY” value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B06XJG3MKY” value=”button”] [amazon link=”B0056IXSEQ” title=”Atom Drop Dead Longboard” /] [amazon fields=”B0056IXSEQ” value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B0056IXSEQ” value=”button”] [amazon link=”B01K7AG9DY” title=”Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards” […]