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How To Make A Longboard: Our Comprehensive Guide

​Making a longboard from scratch is a fun woodworking project. You can build a longboard with a few simple tools and can get amazing results even if it’s your first time working with wood. Learning how to make a longboard is a great way to get a fully customized board. Here are a few tips […]

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Globe Longboards Review – Best-Selling Boards You Need To Ride

1958. The year a wooden board was placed atop some wheels, bringing to life what is now commonly called the skateboard. Ever since then, skateboards have evolved and given birth to other forms of boards and wheels, mainly the cruiser and the longboard (like the popular Globe longboards). Each of these boards functions differently and […]

shark wheels
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Shark Wheels Longboard Review

For 5,000 years, people have used the conventional circle wheel for everything… For cars, 18-wheelers, strollers, skateboards and pretty much all things that roll. Well in 2012, Shark Wheels launched and made its mark in the world of wheels by inventing a brand new product unlike anything ever. The Shark Wheel is an idea turned […]

Longboards for Experienced Riders
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The Top 5 Longboards for Experienced Riders

Longboards are a great form of transportation for experienced riders and advancing hardware technology offers more variety than ever before. Longboard designs and materials have evolved, and if you’re in the market for a new longboard, you’ll want to check out our top five picks. Longboards are mostly associated with cruising and used for commuting […]