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Best Longboard Helmet: Our Top 8 Picks Revealed

Research shows that longboarders are at a high risk of head fractures and traumatic brain injuries, unlike skateboarders. The reason attributed to this is because longboards help you achieve higher speeds than skateboards. Getting a quality helmet when experimenting with your board can help prevent these risks. However, you can now find helmets from various […]

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7 Of The Best Knee Pads: Safety First

Quick Navigation Choosing the Best Knee Pads – 3 Important Tips The Best Knee Pads – A Review of 7 of the Best 1. 187 Killer Pads Fly Knee 2. TSG – Kneepad Force V Pads 3. JBM Adult BMX Bike Knee Pads And Elbow Pads With Wrist Guards 4. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pad 5. […]

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Best Gloves: 7 Gloves For Your Longboarding Gear (Especially For Sliding)

Quick Navigation 7 Gloves For Your Longboarding Gear (Especially for Sliding) Sliding Gloves – What Are They? The 7 Best Gloves for Added Security and Style Sliding to Safety Longboarding. It’s all about the thrills, skills, and, safety, of course. As exhilarating as longboarding is, protective gear is necessary as anything can happen at high […]

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Best Skateboard Bearings: Top 8 Bearings For Your Skateboard

They may look small, but skateboard bearings are extremely complex and important. Sold in sets of eight, bearings are round metal pieces that fit inside the wheels of the skateboard to mount the wheels to the axel. But with so many different skateboard bearings out there, which should you choose from? In this piece, we will […]

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How To Replace Longboard Bushings: 3 Bushings That May Work For You

Just like skateboard bushings, longboard bushings are the small rubber rings that are inside the board’s trucks. For such small objects, you might not think that bushings are quite as important as they actually are. Quick Navigation 3 Replacement Longboard Bushings That May Work Best for You  Reassembling Your Longboard Trucks Tightening the Longboard Trucks […]