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HALT! 9 Quick Tips for How to Stop on a Longboard

Even if you’re an experienced skateboarder, moving from a skateboard to a longboard can be challenging. When they get going downhill, longboards can travel up to 65 miles per hour. When you’re traveling fast, especially on roads, you may need to stop. Use these tips and tricks to learn how to stop on a longboard, […]

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Madrid Longboards Review: 5 Of The Best

Quick Navigation 5 Types of Longboards You Should Know Madrid Longboards – Iconic Boards Since 1976 5 Madrid Longboards You Need to Know (And Ride) Madrid Longboards – You Can’t Go Wrong PRODUCT NAME RATING WHERE TO BUY When it comes to cruising downhill, carving, or even sliding, you need to have a good board […]

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7 Of The Best Knee Pads: Safety First

Quick Navigation Choosing the Best Knee Pads – 3 Important Tips The Best Knee Pads – A Review of 7 of the Best 1. 187 Killer Pads Fly Knee 2. TSG – Kneepad Force V Pads 3. JBM Adult BMX Bike Knee Pads And Elbow Pads With Wrist Guards 4. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pad 5. […]

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Eightbit Longboard Reviews: Characteristics And Comparison

An Eightbit longboard is one of the most well-known and classic longboard available in the market today. Eightbit’s hard to miss bright colors, wheels and overall performance is hard to beat in the world of skateboarding these days. It is no wonder that the popularity of these longboards is on a continuous exponential growth pattern and […]

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Kryptonics Longboard Comprehensive Review: Should You Buy?

Quick Navigation Before You Buy Read the Kryptonics Longboard Reviews The Kryptonics Company What do Reviewers think of the Kryptonics Longboard? ​Final Analysis of the Kryptonics 36″ Longboard Complete Skateboard Before You Buy Read the Kryptonics Longboard Reviews A newbie to skating will soon realize that there is a lot to learn about this sport. As […]

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Best Gloves: 7 Gloves For Your Longboarding Gear (Especially For Sliding)

Quick Navigation 7 Gloves For Your Longboarding Gear (Especially for Sliding) Sliding Gloves – What Are They? The 7 Best Gloves for Added Security and Style Sliding to Safety Longboarding. It’s all about the thrills, skills, and, safety, of course. As exhilarating as longboarding is, protective gear is necessary as anything can happen at high […]