how to replace longboard bushings
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How To Replace Longboard Bushings: 3 Bushings That May Work For You

How to Replace Longboard Bushings  Just like skateboard bushings, longboard bushings are the small rubber rings that are inside the board’s trucks. For such small objects, you might not think that bushings are quite as important as they actually are. However, if they wear out, bushings can lose their spring, which can cause your longboard […]

Powell Peralta Longboards
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Powell Peralta Longboards Review: Quality Downhill Racing Gear

COMPARISON TABLE Product Image Ratings Buy Product [amazon link=”B06XQB2SW9″ title=”Powell-Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai Skateboard Deck” /] [amazon fields=”B06XQB2SW9″ value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B06XQB2SW9″ value=”button”] [amazon link=”B06XJG3MKY” title=”Powell-Peralta Byron Essert Carbon Frog” /] [amazon fields=”B06XJG3MKY” value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B06XJG3MKY” value=”button”] [amazon link=”B0056IXSEQ” title=”Atom Drop Dead Longboard” /] [amazon fields=”B0056IXSEQ” value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B0056IXSEQ” value=”button”] [amazon link=”B01K7AG9DY” title=”Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards” […]

shark wheels
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Shark Wheels Longboard Review

For 5,000 years, people have used the conventional circle wheel for everything… For cars, 18-wheelers, strollers, skateboards and pretty much all things that roll. Well in 2012, Shark Wheels launched and made its mark in the world of wheels by inventing a brand new product unlike anything ever. The Shark Wheel is an idea turned […]

Longboards for Experienced Riders
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The Top 5 Longboards for Experienced Riders

Longboards are a great form of transportation for experienced riders and advancing hardware technology offers more variety than ever before. Longboard designs and materials have evolved, and if you’re in the market for a new longboard, you’ll want to check out our top five picks. Longboards are mostly associated with cruising and used for commuting […]