The Five Best Longboard Decks for a Sturdy and Stylish Ride

Meta description: If you’re into longboarding but want to try a different type, then you’ll need the right deck. Read this review to discover the five best longboard decks. Skateboarders who are interested in longboarding will need to invest in a new deck and set of trucks. Longboarding is done on decks much longer than […]

Person standing on a longboard

How To Make A Longboard: Our Comprehensive Guide

​Making a longboard from scratch is a fun woodworking project. You can build a longboard with a few simple tools and can get amazing results even if it’s your first time working with wood. Learning how to make a longboard is a great way to get a fully customized board. Here are a few tips […]

Person wearing a black an white jacket riding a longboard
Helmets, Protective Gear

Best Longboard Helmet: Our Top 8 Picks Revealed

Research shows that longboarders are at a high risk of head fractures and traumatic brain injuries, unlike skateboarders. The reason attributed to this is because longboards help you achieve higher speeds than skateboards. Getting a quality helmet when experimenting with your board can help prevent these risks. However, you can now find helmets from various […]

Madrid Longboards
Longboard Reviews

Madrid Longboards Review: 5 Of The Best

When it comes to cruising downhill, carving, or even sliding, you need to have a good board you can rely on to perform well and safely – a longboard like a Madrid Longboard. Why Madrid Longboards? Great question. And I promise to answer it in this Madrid Longboards review. But first, a few things you […]

Knee Pads
Protective Gear

7 Of The Best Knee Pads: Safety First

There is one thing every longboarding and skateboarding enthusiast knows all too well – the pain of falling. And falling is part of the package, you can’t avoid it. And that’s why you need to invest in the best knee pads you can find. Remember, your knees play one of the biggest roles in your […]