The Physical and Mental Benefits of Surfing

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Surfing Surfing is known to be both a very chill, but also super exhilarating sport. Whether you do it for the buzz or find it more of a relaxing activity, the benefits of surfing are bountiful. Curious to find out what these benefits are? Read on to find out how surfing can benefit you physically and mentally, no matter what age you are! Read More »

Best Wetsuits 2018 Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose Best for You

Quiksilver Men’s Syncro 2mm SSL SpringsuitWith spring and summer around the corner, you may be in the market for some new gear to play in the water! There are many wetsuits out there that will help keep you warm in even the chilliest of water. Today, we’ll take a look at some terrific suits that will be perfect for that dive, surf session, triathlon competitions, or just the recreational swim… Read More »

How to Choose Best Rash Guards 2016 for You

O Neill UV Sun Protection Womens Basic Skins Long Sleeve Rashguard TopSelecting the best rash guards for you is determined by a lot of factors such as style, fabric, thickness and function of the rash guard. Rash guards are mainly used in several ocean sports, the most favored being surfing. Certainly no one wants to return from a surf episode with rash and grazes. This is where rash guards apply… Read More »

10 Night Surfing Tips – What You Need to Know

Surfing at nightSurfing is a great sport. But often are times when your local spot is too crowded in the daylight, so what do you do? Opt for the time when people are less crowded, when you can have the ocean to yourself, and enjoy your favorite sport. Have you ever wondered why when sunset approaches, almost everyone leaves the water?.. Read More »

Best Places to Surf in the World – TOP 25

Australia Gold Coast BeachWhile almost every country along the coast has something to offer surfers, there are some which are simply far better than others. If you love to explore new locations with your board, and enjoy some exquisite scenery while you catch some waves, this article is for you… Read More »

Learn How to Surf – Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Learn how to surfSummer is around the corner, which means warm weather, beaches, and water sports! If you’ve always been wanting to hop on a surfboard and hit some waves, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to surf! While surfing is a sport that takes many years to master, with some practice, the right equipment, and some sound advice, you’ll be able to avoid some common mistakes and get going much more quickly. So, let’s take a look at where you should start… Read More »

Today’s Best Surfboard Brands in The World – TOP 10

Colorful surf boards on the beach surfboardWhen it comes to the best surfboard brands on the market, the top companies have to take the individual needs of many types of surfers into consideration. The perfect surfboard is going to vary depending on your surf style and how much experience you have, but the best brands work hard to make sure that they have a board that’s right for you… Read More »

How To Find Best Boardshorts For You

surfingIf you are planning to spend some time with your surfboard in the water this summer don’t forget that you will need to add some comfortable and fashionable surfing clothes to your wardrobe. Finding the best boardshorts is quite easy, as long as you know what will keep you comfortable… Read More »