And You Ask Yourself Why You Should Start Longboarding?

Longboarding and Sunset

Hey! My name is Juan Carlos Padilla and I’m going to explain you why you should put a distance between the ground and your feet with a piece of wood in the middle.

Longboarding is a sports with a lot of variants where you can find the one that fits your better.

Each one of them offers you a whole world to discover, from “spots” to skate, friends, and even in my case, myself. I started cruising when I was 15. I was going through a really bad moment, the fact of being able to get lost in Barcelona, roam from one edge of the city to the other one with the only concern that my mp3 ran out of battery helped me to free myself from the pain that followed me each day.

Today, I can proudly say that all my friends, some girl’s I have date and even the places I have worked in, have been fruit of skating.


It all begins when you find a spot you like. You start going frequently, and you see another person doing the same as you. First you say hello and after a couple of times he’s your pal. You share tricks, spots, you meet more and more people, and before you realize it you have been going quite a time to the same plaza each day.

Normally to improve, to relax, or just to see your friends and have a drink with them. You enter a community, not only at local level, but in world size.

A community that as far I have seen helps each other, one that far from words can communicate by skills and most of them only want to have fun. An extra advantage is that wherever you travel, you will find a local community and you will not be alone.

Each person has his own style, his own rhythm, his perfect board. I started with a second hand one, and as I was getting better I updated my material.

DON’T start with a 400$ board! Search for something cheap. When you start, you are going to fall, you’ll crash, and you’r board my friend will suffer. The important thing is that you destroy that board, and you have to get a better one, because you have evolved and you need something that allows you to keep doing it.

You will test different boards. There’s four basic parts of a longboard:

Each discipline has material that adjust better. For example boards for downhill are stiff, and for dancing are flexible. There’s a big variety of wheels, some are hard and some stuff, depends how you like to drift. But something that we all have to wear in any discipline is a helmet. With time and knowledge you will find your own perfect setup.

According to “HealthFitnessRevolution” longboarding will improve the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Stress relief
  • Physical endurance
  • Balance

These are only 5 of 30 Reasons Why You Need a Longboard in Your Life

So in conclusion: go out, search for a longboard and start living 15cm from the ground. And if you already skate and you are reading this; thanks, but go outside and longboard some more!


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