Longboarding: The Story of a Beginner

longboard_photoI was a beginner at one point. That’s something that you have to remember. Every pro, builder, and legend was a beginner at some point in their career.There was a point when they indeed did need to learn how to push, how to turn, how far to lean. And that’s where a lot of people are right now, and that’s okay…Read More »

The Growing Skate Scene of Guernsey

skate_photoFor the skate scene to develop, it is most important for the riders themselves to be interested in development. The skate scene of Guernsey is a great example for what can change, if riders are willing to invest their time, in their passion…Read More »

Too Late To Start?

skateboard and sunsetWorried that you might be too old to start skating? There’s never been a better time in your life to pick up a board and learn!… Read More »

And You Ask Yourself Why You Should Start Longboarding?

Longboarding and SunsetHey! My name is Juan Carlos Padilla and I’m going to explain you why you should put a distance between the ground and your feet with a piece of wood in the middle. Longboarding is a sports with a lot of variants where you can find the one that fits your better… Read More »

Car Camping 101 – Intermediate Skaters Series

vw camperMastering the nomad lifestyle is done so by trial and error unfortunately. The places skating will take you are limitless so be sure you arrive prepared! To do this you need to make your temporary home sustainable for the trip you are taking… Read More »

Only Gravity Can Take Me Down

secret life of walter mitty“What makes you stand up after every fall?” That’s a very common question posed to us skaters. I would like to know your take on this. Are you on the side of those who gave up and stopped, or are you one of us who chose to move forward?… Read More »

You Can Break My Boards, But Nothing Can Break My Passion

longboarderSliding some hills and doing a couple of grab tricks. Truth is, I didn’t really intend to be a longboarder. It all started back at 2013 when I was on a vacation here in the USA. It was a normal usual day…. Read More »

Longboarding And Safety – Jacob’s story

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber HelmetMy first longboarding experience is one I’ll never forget despite not remembering it all myself. A few buddies of mine had just started to get into boarding and I was really interested in starting up as well… Read More »