Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Review

With over 40 years of providing some of the best cruzer designs in the marketplace, Santa Cruz has become a legend. Especially for those riders that enjoy emulate the feeling of surfing.

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So, if you are a surfer and you are looking for a cruzer that provides you style with the easiest way to learn longboarding/skateboarding, I highly recommend you that keep reading to the end.


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Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer

Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer

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Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer has been claimed as the best board in its class. Not only for the ease with you can ride, but also for its affordability. If you compare the Mahaka Rasta with other boards in the same category, you will find that it has the most competitive price (which is a great advantage because with my 10 years of experience in this sport, I know that most riders can’t afford expensive boards).

Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Grip

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Most people usually confuse cruzer boards with actual longboards, which is not exactly wrong, because some of the specs of the Mahaka Rasta are similar to a couple of longboards. But if you put attention to the truck’s section, you will find that are a little bit smaller that longboard trucks, which are more wide (Basically is all the difference).

So, before buying, you need to know what you are looking for.

Who Should Use This Cruzer?

With its 43.5 inches in long and 9.9 inches in wide, this board is especially created for those riders that enjoy freestyle skating, carving and cruising.

I heard that some people claim that this board can be used for downhill, but in my opinion, it could be dangerous. Cruzer boards don’t have enough stability when you are riding fast, so it is probably that you could fall.

But if you like to enjoy the cruising, feeling the wind brushing your face or use your creativity  on freestyle, the Mahaka Rasta is the perfect board for you.

Fenomenal Features

One of the things that I like more of this board is the bottle opener that has included below the front trucks. So, if you are the kind of rider that enjoy going to party after a good day of skating, this could be a tremendous feature for you.

Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Trucks

Also, its nine layers of pure North American maple make it a strong board that offer you a long lifetime.

More Features:

  • Bullet B150 Black Cutback Trucks
  • Soft wheels that allows you to ride with ease
  • Transparent grip

Board Review By Santa Cruz Skateboards


Final Words

It is all have to say that the cruzer boards are exclusive for beginners? Not quite. If you are an experienced rider and want a board that provides you style and fun when it comes cruising, carving or freestyle, but also saving money, you should have the Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer.

Enjoying this sport with the best quality of boards is not just possible, it is expected.


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