Atom Drop Deck Longboard Review

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is a great piece of gear that combines a lot of essentials that riders find very useful, especially when they are in the relative beginning of their longboarding endeavors.

Cruising around town, long distance and downhill are the most fitting applications of this particular board.

This is an incredibly stable longboard, so it can be used safely even by beginners, at very high speeds downhill.

The board’s classical look, flexibility, maneuverability make it a truly reliable ride, something that skaters can count on in nearly every situation. Beautiful, uncomplicated, with consistent performance and quality features.

This is a longboard that pretty much anyone can enjoy.

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Great size

The board has a 41-inch maple deck. The fact that the deck is rather large means it is suitable for all kinds of skater shapes and sizes. That is to say, heavier men can ride it just as effortlessly and worry-free as smaller, gentler ladies. The size also means stability, which is further accentuated by the all-maple construction.

Maple wood is one of the classical materials, used for the production of longboards and there is a reason behind that – it is strong, sturdy and stable. So, the large size combined with the robust material means that the board can withstand almost all obstacles and is able to get the rider through any speedy, bumpy situation.


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Reliable piece of art

Apart from being strong, the Atom Drop Deck Longboard is also the definition of reliable. Drop decks are very close to the ground, so the skater can achieve maximum speed at minimum risk – no wobbling down those steep hills, no risk of flying off the board when the road is bumpy and the speed is high. All of these are very important longboard features, because usually skaters feel they can enjoy themselves to the maximum, only when they know that no matter how tricky the situation, the longboard will get them out of it safe and sound. Even though being low to the ground ensures safety even at the craziest of speeds, it should be noted that scratches on the bottom might appear faster than with decks positioned higher above the pavement.

Good movement

Another great feature that the board can proudly present, are the Reverse Kingpin trucks with 245 mm axles. This type of trucks compliments the board’s stability very nicely and adds a super pleasant touch – amazing maneuverability. The trucks mount higher than usual, which can only help when it comes to turning sharp corners, not to mention the ability to react quicker at higher speeds.

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Many downhill skaters have encountered a situation when a sudden obstacle has appeared when bombing a hill. This can be anything from a car that can actually hurt the skater, to a child who has run into the road and can be hurt. Having extreme maneuverability is not just for comfort and kicks, it also means that the board can get out of the way really quickly, whenever that is necessary.

Feel the board under you

Longboard also has a fairly deep concave in an elliptical shape, which holds the skater’s feet right in place and ensures that the rider and the board stay together at all times, rather than flying in different direction in case of bumps on the road. The design, on the other hand, is a rather classical deal, with its clean shape and back to basics coloring. This is not an utterly flashy longboard, covered in every shade imaginable. Rather it is clean and straightforward – for people who know what they want out of the riding experience and don’t feel like dealing with nonsense on the way to achieving it.

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