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Landyachtz Evo Longboard Review

Landyachtz 2013 EVOThis is my favorite board for many reasons, and I’ll cover all of them. I’ve been riding this deck for 2 years now and I absolutely love it. Sometimes other boards will join my quiver and take its spot for a while, but it always comes back to the evo. Read More »

Moose Dropthrough Longboard Review

Moose Drop Through Speedboard Complete LongboardThe Moose is a pretty allround board and is suitable for a lot of disciplines. Whether you want to bomb some hills, carve down the boulevard or cruise along the coast; this board is ideal because of it’s shape, height and mild concave! Read More »

Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Review

Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Cruzer ThumbnailWith over 40 years of providing some of the best cruzer designs in the marketplace, Santa Cruz has become a legend. Especially for those riders that enjoy emulate the feeling of surfing. So, if you are a surfer and you are looking for a cruzer that provides you style with the easiest way to learn longboarding/skateboarding, I highly recommend you that keep reading to the end...Read More »

Sector 9  Aperture Sidewinder Longboard Review

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder ThumbThe Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard is one of the greatest examples of a board that is the perfect mixture of high quality materials, a great cut and aerodynamics. Sector 9 is all in all one of the top brands in the market and that is the best proof for high quality and great experience that you will receive when choosing to use this board....Read More »

Rayne Darkside Longboard Review

Rayne Darkside thumbnailThe Rayne Darkside is a versatile freeride, downhill board developed by Rayne. It’s an asymmetrical board with a mellow kick and bacon waves down through the concave. As for the concave itself it starts flat at either end and after clearing the mounting positions of which they are  23.5″ / 24″ or 24.5″. The board starts to gain a rocker and a deeper concave.Read More »

Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Atom Pintail LongboardA great looking classical longboard that is offering you all the quality you want. This is the Pintail Longboard from Atom. A board that will be your greatest partner when it comes to cruising. As all the boards in the market, it is not completely perfect. But it definitely offers you some great advantages that will make your ride one of a kind. Read More »

Atom Drop Deck Longboard Review

atom_drop_deck_longboardThere is no doubt about it. When you are looking for a new board that could take you anywhere, you want one that combines all the useful essentials into one state of art longboard. So this particular longboard basically gives you everything you need. It is great for comfortable cruising around town, it won’t let you down on long distance rides and will be your great partner when going downhill…Read More »

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Review

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo LongboardSo you are looking for a board that will serve the best on the streets of your city? Well this might just be the best options for you. A longboard with all the features experienced riders are looking for. All the simplicity beginners want and need to improve their riding. This is the Quest Super Cruiser. A longboard that is manufactured with enormous passions for perfection. What makes this board stand out in the public is its perfect simplicity….Read More »

Atom Drop-Through Review

atom_drop_through_longboardThe Drop-Through longboard with a 41-inch deck is another great example of a high quality board from Atom. A longboard that is suitable for different types of riders who enjoy to ride in all kind of conditions. While shape of  the deck provides you with comfort and gives complete control over the board, the combination of these trucks, bearings and wheels will allow you to gain speed faster while still feeling confident in quick turns.Read More »

Sector 9 Lookout Review

sector 9 lookoutAs far as longboards go there are few better than the ones from Sector 9. And Lookout is a great example for that – ideal for both beginners and professionals. Made of laminated bamboo providing very good drop due to its axle arrangement. It comes with Nineball wheels and Abec 5 bearings. In addition, it also is enforced by tempered steel bolts for added durability in comparison with other, flimsier longboards.Read More »

Santa Cruz Steve Olson Cruzer Review

Santa Cruz CruzerIt doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a highly experienced rider – you will know how to appreciate this board. Santa Cruz is the brand that speaks for itself – some of the best boards in the market are given to us exactly from Santa Cruz. And this great board, the Steve Olson Cruzer is just what you want if you are looking forward to gaining a great cruising experience. It will provide you with a comfortable ride and will definitely give the chance to perform some tricks.Read More »

Sector 9 Dropper Longboard Review

Sector 9 Dropper 41Sector 9 definitely holds the knowledge of making some of the best longboards in the market. And it really feels like all this knowledge has been used to make this wonderful longboard. You may want to know what makes this board so special. Well the answer lays in the way Dropper is designed. And what this great design gives you is the opportunity to ride different styles in various places. All in all there are many reasons to take a better look at this board that is basically a pure perfectionRead More »

Globe Pinner Longboard Review

Globe pinner longboard

This is just the right board for you if you want a longboard that is perfectly simplified and is able to provide you with great performance. A great solution when it comes to cruising thru the streets of any city. But there is something in this board that doesn’t give the confidence of perfect ride, jet it is the one that will provide you with high quality performance in long term.Read More »

Gold Coast Floater Longboard Review

Gold Coast Longboard

A Floater – is there really anything else you need to know about this board? I will just say the truth – this board from Gold Coast is a must-have for every longboard rider out there. A perfect simplicity that is the combination of high quality performance and great design. There is no doubt about it – the guys at Gold Coast have done a wonderful job by putting together this piece of art.Read More »

Riviera Street Slayer Drop Through Longboard Review

Riviera Street SlayerThis particular board is special with the ability to stand out of the crowd – the specs, great customer reviews and pricing – every detail about it seems to be great. It is assembled in a way to provide the best riding experience in any conditions. It doesn’t really matter if you want to go high-speed down the hill or just cruise around your city. The perfect freeride longboard – that’s what it is.Read More »