The Fireball Incendo Wheels Review

Fireball Incendo Black 70mm 87a Longboard WheelsI received the Fireball Incendo wheels a few days before heading out to California for a small trip I had planned.

But in the small amount of time I had to ride these wheels before I left, I rode them a lot. And while I was gone, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back and riding them again.

They are possibly the most well rounded wheel ive ever ridden.

I was pretty nervous when I unpackaged them because they were large and long. They came in a 70mm 87a with a 44mm contact patch and a beautiful design on the black urethane.

Fireball Incendo Black 70mm 87a Longboard Skateboard Wheels

I was riding the 65mm remember lil hoots which have a very small contact patch and width, so the incendos looked very large compared to them.

I was afraid that since im only 5’3 and 115 pounds I wouldn’t be able to slide on these at all, but I threw them on my board and headed out to a gentle slope.

I started down, I shifted my weight, I kicked out, and then the most effortless beautiful slide I may have ever performed erupted from these wheels.

I was so excited I jumped off the board and kicked it to my girlfriend and yelled “you have to try this!”

She jumped on the board and threw a nice little 180, and her expression was amazement. I am not fully sure how Fireball made these wheels to slide so well, but I don’t even care.

These wheels come in three colors, white, red, and black with black being my favorite.

They are stone ground and have a width of 54mm. They all have an offset core and go for $47 on, but to be honest these wheels are good enough to be $60.

I usually prefer a smaller wheel with a center set core but these have made me rethink things. Now there are one or two things I wish they would change about this wheel.

When I have them on my board they are long so they stick out the sides and look a bit goofy, and the graphic on the front looks like it could rub off a bit easily, but this is really nothing to worry about with how good the wheels are.

So back to me trying out the wheels….

I next went to hand slides and wasn’t disappointed. I threw a few Coleman slides and it was just so easy, as if It was wet outside.

My girlfriend kept stealing my board from me and riding around on it. She loves these wheels a lot, and she loved that they were black maybe even more then she loved how they rode.

I noticed that since they are black you see no slide trails, and when im sliding they seem to evenly slide out leaving no flat spotting at all.

I tried hard to wear them down but I really didn’t get anywhere with that, and they are still just as thick as they were when I got them.

I would love to try out the beasts that are 76mm or the scorch which are 71mm.

So next I took these to a larger hill, and started alittle lower on it. I have Paris v2 trucks and no matter what I do I seem to get speed wobbles with them.

Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks

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So I started lower on the hill and headed down. I was so impressed by how smooth these were even when I went over a few small pebbles, but they seemed a little slower than my other wheels.

I decided to take them up a lot higher and braced myself for the wobbles but as I went down none came, and it excited me.

So I took them to almost the top of the hill and started the decent, and once again no speed wobbles came.

The thing is that when going downhill they are a bit slower, but make me a ton more stable which im guessing is because of the wheels having a longer contact patch.

So I would say they are very good for downhill riding. They are very fun to throw slides on while riding downhill and the transition is almost effortless.

So here is my final verdict

I would recommend these wheels to anyone who is intermediate to advanced in riding.

I would have to say that the best use for these wheels is downhill but they are almost just as good at sliding.

They are smooth and could be used for people that like to dance on their board, but they aren’t best for that.

They are a little too large to use in a park or pool but if you are looking for a top notch wheel that is incredible for downhill and sliding then you need to buy these wheels.

I would kill to ride a 65mm version of these wheels, so someone should start work on that!

Reviewed by Jacob Feia!


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