Best Longboard Wheels For Sliding? Remember Collective Hoots

This past year I had the pleasure of buying the center set, 70mm “remember collective hoots” for my Girlfriend. When buying these wheels I was a bit nervous because they had no reviews and I couldn’t find very much information on them. I took the risk though, and bought a pair of 70mm avocado hoots.

They took around three days to arrive at my house, and when I took them out of the package my first thought was “wow!”

They not only were great looking, but I could tell how solidly built these wheels were. The stoneground contact patch felt smooth and had no chips in it. They came in at a 80a hardness but it felt softer, and as I felt them I wished I had bought them for myself.

Remember Collective Hoots Longboard Wheels For Sliding

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When I gave them to her she was delighted and threw them on her “sector 9 slingshot.” I let her ride them first and she was throwing down some incredible slides, and then I couldn’t take it anymore I had to try them. She gave me her board and I started down a hill.

My first thought was “oh my gosh im riding on a cloud,” and as I gained speed my next thought was “I need to slow down cause these are going to ice out on me.”

The first slide was so effortless that I couldn’t believe that any wheel could slide this well. The next slides where a joy to throw down as well and my girlfriend was getting frustrated cause I wouldn’t give back her board. The only problem I was having is that any time I got going at faster speeds I would feel like the board was just going to slide out from under me.

These wheels are not for people looking for anything relatively related to downhill riding. There is almost no thane trail as you slide, but they feel so good that you could care less. I also would recommend these for just cruising because they feel so soft and light.

Remember Collective Lil Hoot Freeride Wheel

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You do not have to be going fast to slide on these either, I have got these sideways and around a complete 180 going very slow on flat ground. They do not flat spot, no matter how hard you try, they are very well built wheels. They have a contact patch of 38mm and a beveled lip so you know they built these wheels to have as little resistance as possible.

The small contact patch is great for anyone just getting into sliding, because it provides such little resistance to the pavement. The hoots would be a very useful teaching wheel for anyone trying to teach someone to slide, because they are so easy to get sideways on.

I found out later that right around the same time I bought them a few other people I knew had taken a risk on them to. One of the girls who bought them at the time didn’t know how to slide, and now she is throwing down huge Coleman slides with these.  One of the guys who bought these wheels is a seasoned longboarder, and is easily good enough to be a pro, and he can’t get enough of these wheels.

Remember Collective Lil Hoots Longboard Wheels

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Recently “remember collective” came out with some epic new colors including blue, white, and orange which adds to the green, pink, and yellow colors they already had.  They also have come out with some 65mm wheels called “lil hoots” for those rides that weigh a little less or just want to ride a smaller set up. For park they will not be any good, they are made for sliding on hills and 70mm is just too big for a park.

So should you buy these?

The answer is yes if your main focus is sliding, if you are looking for a downhill wheel these are not for you.

So for freestyle these get five out of five stars, for cruising these get three out of five stars, for park these would get a one out of five stars, and for downhill these would get one star. I think if you are a beginner to sliding or someone looking for a long slick slide these are the longboard wheels are for you.

I ride her board more then I ride mine at this point and im buying myself a pair of these wheels.

Reviewed by Jacob!


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