Best Longboard Gear Reviews And Articles

The 6 Best Longboard Wheels of 2018

Longboard WheelsFinding the right wheel can be an intimidating process. When looking at how many different types of longboard wheels that are on the market right now, it’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed…Read More »


Banana Boards vs Penny Boards

Mini Cruiser Banana LongboardWe compare some of the most popular boards:the Banana Board and the Penny Board. Both are essential for customers’ cruising. If you want a miniature skateboard, then they are the ideal types. However, the two have differences that can make you choose one over the other….Read More »


Best Skateboard and Longboard Backpacks for 2016

Nike SB EmbarcaI think there comes a time in every longboarders (or skateboarders) life, when a backpack is needed when you are going out on your board. Simply because your pockets can no longer hold everything, you need to take with you. Of course, there is always a chance to use a simple backpack…Read More »

A Review of Great Longboard Sliding Wheels for a Steezy Ride

longboard racingSteezy is a term derived from style and ease and refer to doing a board trick with ease and style. Listed below are some longboard wheels that provide steezy rides after they are properly broken in or even right out of the box… Read More »

Breakdown of Longboard Safety Gear

Predator Zen DH6 Matte BlackLike any sport, skateboarding comes with risks and dangers that a skater needs to understand and accept when riding. Aside from safety techniques, there are some basic, essential items that every rider should consider purchasing to get the ultimate protection in case of an accident… Read More »

The Fireball Incendo Wheels Review

Fireball Incendo Black 70mm 87a Longboard Skateboard WheelsI received the Fireball Incendo wheels a few days before heading out to California for a small trip I had planned. But in the small amount of time I had to ride these wheels before I left, I rode them a lot. And while I was gone, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back and riding them again… Read More »

The Best Longboard Wheels For Sliding – Remember Collective Hoots

Remember Collective Lil Hoots Longboard WheelsThis past year I had the pleasure of buying the center set, 70mm “remember collective hoots” for my Girlfriend. When buying these wheels I was a bit nervous because they had no reviews and I couldn’t find very much information on them. I took the risk though, and bought a pair of 70mm avocado hoots...Read More »

Ultimate Guide – How to Choose The Best Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels with speed descriptionSo you want new wheels and you’re not sure what you want? No worries – by the time you read this entire article you’ll either be twice as confused on what you want and buy the ones that look coolest, or end up with a solid understanding on how to pick the right wheel...Read More »

Best Longboard Slide Gloves

Loaded Slide Gloves V6The name of longboard slide gloves say’s it all. They are not made as much for your protection as they are made to bring you the greatest longboarding experience so far. Yes, you can do some amazing slide without the gloves too, but using some of the best slide gloves in the market will allow you to take a step further. The important decision you have to make here is between low and high quality gloves. And all we can say is that you should definitely go for the highest quality...Read More »

What Are The Best Longboard Wheels

Orangatang 4 President WheelsThere is no doubt about it – you are willing to have the longboard that is able to provide amazing riding experience by performing in high quality no matter the style you choose or the place you ride. Therefore it is highly important to carefully consider each and every part that builds up your perfect board. To have that feeling of a smooth ride in different conditions, you will definitely want to ride on some of the best wheels in the market...Read More »

Best Longboard Trucks – A Must-Have For Great Experience

Paris Crimison SlideTo gain the greatest possible experience from longboarding you do have to have a great talent, and of course, a quality longboard. Every part of the longboard has to be considered carefully, because every detail is essential to assemble a perfect longboard. Therefore choosing trucks is highly important. And you will appreciate the investment in some of the best trucks in long term.Read More »

Longboard Equipment – What You Need for Longboarding, Longboard Helmets, Longboard Slide Gloves, Pads

helmet thumbailDriving a car in high-speed without using a seat belt is not exactly a smart thing to do. The same goes for different extreme sport types – safety gear should be used to avoid unnecessary injuries. And when it comes to longboarding, safety is not the only thing that you will receive by using proper equipment. The slide gloves, for example, will give you a chance to gain an amazing riding experience.Read More »

The Best Skate Shoes of 2014 – Skate Shoes

Of course the most important thing, when it comes to longboarding is the way you ride, not the way you look from aside. But we all know that there is something in the style of each rider, that makes longboarding a special and beautiful activity. And it doesn’t stop at the look of your board. Appropriate shoes is just the thing for you to look great and gain even greater riding experience.Read More »

What are the Best Longboard Bearings

Bearings – the little part of your longboard that hides under the wheels and are often forgotten. But they are as you should know highly important for you gain the greatest riding experience. So what are the best bearings for your longboard? And how to tell the difference between high and poor quality? There are some details that will help you to find just bearings you want.Read More »