Are You Ready For Winter?


You must have already noticed that the leaves on the trees are becoming more yellow and orange. That’s because autumn is here.

...or already winter is here?

Some might advise you to ride your longboard while you can, because winter is coming!

…but that is not the case for Eric Chernushenko, who has proven, that longboarding is all season sport.

In this video, Junker shows us that with a little bit of imagination, we can ride our boards on the ice to make it seem like we’re on a slippery road.

He cuts the ice like skates in the video.

Why should there be rollerblades and skates, but no longboards, that can be ridden on ice,” thought the creator of the blades, called “Benmore Blades”.

“Living in a city with the worlds longest skating rink, also officially designated as a world heritage site, the transition from skating on the pavement to skating on ice seemed almost natural,”

tells the creator.

The superior quality stainless steel simply replaces the wheels on your longboard. There are no special tools or hardware required and the skates are compitable with both longboard and skateboard trucks.

You can literally skate anywhere you can find ice. We can only say that they did a pretty good job making them.

This certenaly is a “must try” for this winter, because it looks like a lot of fun.

Of course, you can be creative and think of another way to ride your board during the winter, but for now, this is the best way known.

Let us know if you have other cool ideas!


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