Amazing Drop Through Longboards for All Types of Riders

The mounting of a longboard affects a rider’s longboarding experience to a great extent. The deck style determines the stability, maneuverability, riding smoothness and effort required when using a longboard.

Generally, the lower the deck, the more stable the riding experience especially at high speeds. High-mounted decks make for more maneuverable boards and enables a rider to make tighter turns.

Sector 9 Meridian Longboard New Cruiser Drop Through Longboard Maple Arbor Axis Drop Through Longboard Complete Landyachtz Switchblade 36 Hollow Tech Longboard Xtreme Free Professional Speed Downhill Drop Through Longboard Atom Drop Through Longboard

Lower decks can result in smoother rides especially when combined with other factors like the wheels of the board. Low-mounted decks require less effort while pushing and foot braking.

There are four main styles of mounting decks. They are Top Mount, Drop Through, Double Drop and Drop Deck mounted longboards.

Depending on the experience and expertise level of rider and their preferred riding style, one type of mounting may be more preferable compared to others.

Drop through longboards are some of the favorite longboards with riders of all styles and expertise. From beginners to professionals and those who cruise to those who are into downhill racing, there are many riders who swear by drop through longboards. Indeed, they are great all-around boards.

Reasons drop through longboards are so popular

Drop through longboards have their wheel trucks mounted in such a way that it’s like the trucks go through the board. The board typically has machine-carved slots at both ends thus the board rests on the trucks as if they have gone through it.

This effectively lowers the center of gravity of the board resulting in increased stability. This is one of the reasons drop through decks are great for beginner downhill riders.

Expert downhill racers also like the boards due having a smoother ride at high speeds.

The lower height reduces the effort required to push the board. This makes them ideal for beginners who love cruising or for those who use their boards for commuting.

Listed below are some amazing drop through longboards suitable for all types of riders.

Sector 9 Meridian Longboard

The Sector 9 Meridian Longboard features a classic drop trough concave shape, a wheelbase of 30.5 inches and standard clear grip tape.

This ensures the board is stable and safe even when one is doing standup slides. The board is made of 8-ply maple which makes it durable and provides it with the appropriate flex to handle varying riding styles from cruising to downhill riding.

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The board measures 40 inches in length and 9.75 inches in width.

Atom Drop Through Longboard

The 41 inch longboard provides fun and safety in a great package. The board comes with a full maple laminate deck and sleek graphics.

Atom Drop Through Longboard

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This makes is extremely strong, durable, flexible and great to look at. Urethane wheels enables a rider to enjoy a smooth ride on all surfaces and at great speeds. It comes with reverse king-pin trucks for ease in height adjustment while keeping the board generally low.

Combined with a concave elliptical shape that provides a secure foothold, the board makes it easy to maneuver the board even at high speeds.

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Arbor Axis 40″ Cruiser Longboard Complete

The Bamboo Drop Through Sunset Pier Longboard is well-suited to beginners and is made of 5-ply hybrid wood. 3 plies are bamboo and 2 plies are maple.

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This give the board the right balance of flex to make the longboard strong, flexible and light. It measures 41 inches by 9.25 inches and since it is light, it is easy to carry around.

The Tracker Fastrack trucks measures 180mm. The 78A wheels have a diameter of 70mm and come with ABEC-70 Runner bearings suitable for cruising and commuting.

The Clear Grip grip tape ensures a rider stays on the board, increasing safety and riding stability.

Arbor Axis Drop Through Longboard Complete

The Arbor Axis Drop Trough Longboard Complete is a great longboard for freeriding and freestyle longboarding.

The board’s wheelbase is 30.5 inches and it measures 40 inches by 9 inches. It is made of 8-ply maple which makes it both strong and flexible.

Arbor Axis Drop Through Longboard Complete

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It features reverse kingpin trucks with a width of 184mm. For better turning, the baseplate has an angle of 50 degrees. The 78A wheels have a diameter of 71mm and 56mm contact patch resulting in high stability.

Landyachtz Switchblade 38″ Complete Longboard

The Landyachtz Switchblade 336 Hollow Tech Longboard is well-suited to freeriding. It is made of 8-ply Hollow Tech maple and measures 36 inches by 9.5 inches. A wheelbase of 27 inches and a W-concave deck makes the board maneuverable, stable and safe for a rider as it provides secure footholds.

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It is better suited to small riders and easily reconfigured for technical downhill riding.

Xtreme Free Professional Speed Downhill Drop Through Longboard

The Xtreme Free Professional Speed Downhill Drop Through Longboard is made for serious downhill riding and racing.

It is made with 9-ply Canadian maple glued together. This makes the board strong and durable enough to withstand great strain when bombing hills while keeping it light and flexible enough for racing.

Xtreme Free Professional Speed Downhill Drop Through Longboard

The deck measures 41 inches by 9 inches supported by aluminum alloy stent. The 83A wheels have a diameter of 70mm and a thickness of 52mm. ABEC-9 bearing with high speed inbricant complete this longboard made with serious downhill racing in mind.

Drop through longboards come in all shapes and styles to meet the different preferences and needs of varying riders.

Their popularity with different types of riders ensures that longboard makers and suppliers have a wide variety of the boards. Differences in design and materials mean they are available at different price ranges.

Whether seeking a longboard for cruising, freeriding, freestyle riding or downhill racing, one can bet that they will find a drop through longboard that meets their needs.


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