How you can Slide on a Longboard

I know, learning how to slide your longboard might seem scary at the beginning.

But it is definitely not something you couldn’t learn, if you put the required effort in getting your board to slide as you control it perfectly.

Of course, to do so, eventually it comes down to you going out and doing the best you can.

But before You do so!

Take a quick look at the following instructions, that are breaking down the most important factors of performing a controlled slide on your longboard.

The first slide to learn will be the 180 Coleman slide

Following that, you can also add your personal patterns and modify this to make it your own.

Before trying slides, obtain comfy carving on the hillsides with a few good paces.


You will require sufficient pace to get the board about 180 degrees. Examine out almost all the specialist tools you will want to get sliding…

Exactly what You Will require for Sliding on Longboard:

  • Needless to say. A Longboard
  • A Helmet (Safety. Seriously!)
  • Slide gloves
  • Elbow and Knee pads
  • Experience on a Longboard. (Stroll before you decide to run. Or even in longboard stipulations, carve before you choose to slide.)

How to Slide on a Longboard

You need to acquire some pace through pressing six to eight times using one foot.

It is frightening in the beginning

However sufficient pace is required to slide a complete 180 degree. Put your pedaling foot backside on the longboard and curve your legs. Your foot ought to be broader compared to your shoulder.

Get ready to slide.

Start a feet side carve. Curve your legs in the point wherever you are crouching on the longboard. Put one hand on the part of the longboard placed on the hip and legs.

An additional alternative is to achieve a hand up to the air to keep balance. Put another hand on the ground, performing in reverse, opposing to the way your legs are directed.

To obtain the slide proceeding, carve heelside.

This particular is the hardest component of the slide, however, exercise this and quickly it will arrive frequently.

There are more ways to do the real 180.

However, the easiest method is to take a look in reverse and change shoulder and also hips to the 180 degrees. Place the majority of your bodyweight on side front foot, regarding 60 percent. Utilize your back foot to pressure the back of the longboard facing outward with the shoulder.

It could take some attempts of just which makes possible for 90 degrees, however, invest in 180 degrees and you will have it before too much time.

Strategies for a Slide (180 Coleman)

Loosen trucks: Looser trucks enable you to carve into your slide.

Go quicker: A bit more pace provides you the required energy to accomplish an 180-degree slide.

Discover the correct place: Search for soft, clear sidewalk free of gravel and cracks. An excellent, high slope can help you obtain pace. Most of all a place with hardly any traffic!

Correctly spread bodyweight: There ought to be more bodyweight on side front foot (about 60 percent), while your back foot is utilized to pressure the back of the longboard facing outward.

Examine your wheels: Small and circular lipped wheels allow it to be simple to crack grip and begin sliding. Additionally, maintain in thoughts which wheels are going to slide easier right after they are damaged in compared to whenever they are entirely new.

Maintain center of gravity lower: Folding your legs can make this simpler press out into a slide. Inside the event, you bail, the range among your body and the sidewalk will certainly be smaller sized!

Tag with the best mates: Discover a few friends who are more experienced compared to you at sliding. They may give you suggestions and assist your improvement. Take them for a beer after. Or icecream if you are under age!

Put on safety gear: Longboard slide mitts and a helmet are essential. Elbow and knee pads are suggested for many proficiency stages. (You will be much more comfortable pressing yourself in case you feel much more comfortable dropping.)


Some important requirements for sliding a longboard

Fundamental ohysical requirements

An essential requirement is Your experience in the fundamentals of riding a longboard (you should have great balance and the ability to press and move your longboard).

You require the complete functionality of your hands, hips and legs, and brain.

You should never try to understand this slide or even ride your longboard in case you are intoxicated or under the impact of some other ingredients!

Basic safety gear requirements

Your basic safety gear and equipment is essential.

You will require an excellent safety helmet that protects your head and offers sufficient protection of the lower portion of the back of your head to the amount of the junction with the top of the neck.

You should never try to spend less, when buying a helmet! Outstanding helmets can just be purchased in the fifty to hundred dollars range. Moreover, remeber to put your helmet on when riding!

There were about six documented longboarding fatalities in the press in the previous three months. Not one of these skaters had been putting on helmets in the time of the accidents.

Deck requirements for sliding

You will require a suitable setup for sliding deck.

Even though a Coleman slide may be carried out on nearly all longboard deck, wheel and truck combinations, when you are in the learning degree, I suggest that you purchase a double kicktail board with suitable trucks and wheels.

Therefore you may focus more on your method and not need to battle contrary to the restrictions of your setup.

If you need more information before going out on the streets, feel free to contact us or look up more comments in some popular forums. Whenever you feel like you are ready, go and get it done!


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