Globe Longboards Review – 3 Best-Selling Boards You Need To Ride

Globe Longboards Review – 3 Best-Selling Boards You Need to Ride

1958. The year a wooden board was placed atop some wheels, bringing to life what is now commonly called the skateboard. Ever since then, skateboards have evolved and given birth to other forms of boards and wheels, mainly the cruiser and the longboard (like the popular Globe longboards). Each of these boards functions differently and serves a different purpose. 

But do you really know the differences between the skateboard, cruiser, and longboard? Well, let’s take a look at them before we take an in-depth look at one of the best longboards currently trending on the market – Globe longboards.

Skateboard, Cruiser, and Longboard – What’s the Difference  

So you have decided to jump into the world of boards on wheels? That’s a great move. But before you do, it’s imperative that you understand the 3 main types of boards so as to be able to make an informed decision as to where you would rather start.


Today, the terms skateboard and skateboarding refer to the modern sport and pastime of doing tricks on natural street obstacles or at skate parks. Modern skateboards have the same general shape, size, and small wheels (approx. 50mm). Skateboards are usually limited to smooth surfaces and purpose-built skate parks with ramps, grind boxes, and rails. Because of their small, hard wheels, skateboards are not ideal for transportation.


A cruiser is a board which built for the purpose of rolling around and is generally not suitable for doing tricks. Although it is longer than the average skateboard, a cruiser is not long enough to be called a longboard. Cruiser decks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The smaller ones are usually called mini cruisers. In fact, you can even take your regular skateboard and fit it with softer cruiser wheels (usually 55-65mm) and it becomes a cruiser – it can take you places a skateboard can’t. Although cruisers have the advantage of portability over longboards, they are still not rugged enough for some of the rigorous disciplines longboards go through. 


Now we come to what I personally feel is one of the best boards – the longboard. Longboards are so called because of their long decks which are usually 36-inches or longer. They also have larger wheels that are 70mm and up. And like cruisers, they have soft wheels that enable them to go over relatively rough terrain. Longboards also come with different trucks that are higher and enable the board to turn rather fast. And this brief description of what makes a longboard brings us to our longboard of the day – the Globe longboard line.

globe longboards

Globe Longboards – Riding Since the 80’s

Globe Longboards is an Australian longboard making company that was founded in the 1980’s, making it one of the oldest longboard making companies around. Founded by three brothers whose surname is Hill, it must be a sign that Globe longboards make for exceptional downhill rides.

When the Hill brothers were failing to find good-quality longboards and their accessories for their passion in the 1980’s, their frustration led them to solve the problem themselves. They started making their own longboards, skateboards, and accompanying accessories. They named the company Globe, and true to its name, it is spreading around the globe with a strong presence, not only in Australia, but in the US and Europe as well.

Globe Longboards have been known over the years for providing the best experience a longboard can offer while offering superior durability as well. Let’s take a look at some of the boards they have on offer, shall we?

3 of the best Globe Longboards You Need to Know

Let’s quickly look at 3 of the best-selling longboards Globe Longboards has to offer. In a nutshell, all these boards are, are made from high-quality materials and engineered to give you memorable experiences.

1. Globe HG Geminon

GLOBE HG Geminon Drop-Down Longboard, Blue Diamond/White, 41-Inch
  • 41" x 10" Blue Diamond
  • Drop-down, slight "W" concave
  • 180mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks

This is by far the best longboard Globe has made to date, and the sales are proof of that.

The Globe HG Geminon is a superb longboard that comes in at 41-inches long and features a symmetrical deck that slightly slopes down, creating a concave shape for your feet. Unlike other boards (like the Atom Longboard Micro Drop), it doesn’t directly drop down. As for deck material, the Globe HG Geminon is made of quality maple and an in-house bottom sheet dubbed the Blue Diamond bottom sheet. This makes for a stiffer and sturdier deck.

globe longboards

Out of the box, the Globe HG Geminon is fitted with 180 mm Slant Reverse Kingpin trucks, 72mm 78A wheels, and Abec 7 bearings. The wheels are soft enough to absorb vibrations quite well, giving you a smooth ride while the trucks are superbly made so as to help you turn easily and efficiently. The symmetrical deck makes it an excellent board for freeriding and other tricks.

One thing that makes a longboard a great longboard is the right combination of parts, and Globe got that right with the Geminon – this is one board both beginners and intermediate riders will appreciate. For instance, the board is built in such a way that it stays closer to the ground, giving it great stability no matter the speed you are going at. And when going downhill, the Geminon takes slightly longer to pick up speed than higher mounted boards, making it easy for beginners to adjust their stance. But once it picks momentum, be sure it will still reach the top speeds of all the other boards out there – with the added advantage of less speed wobbles due to its low deck.

The main drawback with the Geminon is that it isn’t as sharply lowered as other boards. This design difference makes it slightly harder to slide as compared to other boards. To compensate for this, Globe uses an advanced grip tape that will help keep your feet secure the whole time you will be sliding.

Because of its design and performance, the Globe Geminon is best suited for curvy downhill runs. It has excellent carving abilities and exceptional stability on those fast downhill runs. If you are just starting out longboarding, or if you are looking for a board that affords great stability at great speeds, or even a trick longboard, the Globe HG Geminion drop down longboard fits the bill very well. As for carving, this is probably the carving monster to rule the curves with. And all this fun is available at a bit on the pricier side but well worth it.

2. Globe Prowler Complete Longboard

As its name suggests, the Prowler gives you the ability to prowl around the city at fast speeds and go far too as it is built for maximum balance, control, and comfort. Let’s see just how it does that.

The Prowler is equipped with Flush-Mount 180mm Slant Reverse Kingpin Trucks that give the board a lower center of gravity. This helps with stability, especially when you’re hauling at serious speeds and carving around urban obstacles. Globe employed the use of large cutouts that effectively eliminate wheel bite and allow the usage of exceptionally big wheels as well.

globe longboards

For the deck, the Globe Prowler comes with a 38-inch long and 10-inch wide deck made of 9-ply bamboo. Not only is this deck very strong and stiff, but it is green too as bamboo is one of the “greenest” materials on the planet. The deck is then given a resin coating that enhances the durability of the board. Conical Globe Longboard wheels and ABEC 7 precision speed bearings provide an amazing experience as you hurtle downhill and allow you to easily reach top speeds of 30 miles plus effortlessly. The only complaint I had with the wheels is that they can be a bit sticky, making it a bit difficult to slide. But once you understand their behavior, it becomes easier to manipulate the board any way you want to.

With its large platform, low stance, mounted Slant trucks, and the superb 69mm Globe wheels, you are bound to enjoy your ride on the Globe Prowler as it is definitely built for cruising, carving, and a whole lot of fun.

3. Globe Pinner Classic Longboard Complete

Globe Pinner Classic Longboard Complete
  • 40" x 9" x 26.75"
  • Resin-8 Hard Rock Maple
  • Mellow Concave with Kick Tail

Globe Longboards make some very excellent longboards that have that awe effect when people see you cruising by. And they make some boards that are subtle, simple, and yet stylish in their own right. The Globe Pinner longboard is one such board. It may not be a jaw-dropping board, but its simplicity and practicality are its greatest appeal.

globe longboards pinner

The Globe Pinner comes with a massive 41.25-inch long and 9.8-inch wide deck with a similarly impressive wheelbase of 30.5-inches. The deck is made of 7-ply maple wood that is guaranteed to last you a long time. It also comes with 180mm Slant Flat inverted trucks, 65mm Globe wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings. This combination is the perfect recipe for carving and long distance cruising.

One of the biggest cons of the Globe Pinner is that it comes with a clear grip tape. If you’ve ever had to replace the grip tape on your longboard, then you know exactly what I mean – clear grip tape is harder to replace.

Overall, this is a basic longboard that will give you an exceptional experience for the affordable price.

Globe Longboards – Your Longboard of Choice

If you are on the hunt for the best longboard for your commute or for simply enjoying on weekends, don’t overlook Globe longboards, in fact, it will be in your best interest to place them somewhere at the top of your list. These boards are fun, practical, and offer some of the best rides a longboard can offer.

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