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What Size Longboard Should I Get? The Buyer’s Guide To Sizing Up A Board

Longboards first became commercially available in the 1950s. They fell out of popularity for quite a few years while skateboarding (and the tricks they afforded) took center stage. But it’s been gaining in popularity again recently.  These days it isn’t uncommon to see longboards at parks and on school campuses. Longboarding is recreation and transportation […]

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Eightbit Longboard Reviews: Characteristics And Comparison

An Eightbit longboard is one of the most well-known and classic longboard available in the market today. Eightbit’s hard to miss bright colors, wheels and overall performance is hard to beat in the world of skateboarding these days. It is no wonder that the popularity of these longboards is on a continuous exponential growth pattern […]

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Globe Longboards Review – 3 Best-Selling Boards You Need To Ride

Globe Longboards Review – 3 Best-Selling Boards You Need to Ride 1958. The year a wooden board was placed atop some wheels, bringing to life what is now commonly called the skateboard. Ever since then, skateboards have evolved and given birth to other forms of boards and wheels, mainly the cruiser and the longboard (like […]