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#Daring Longboard Tricks and How to Learn Them Today

Longboarding is a popular sport that originated in Hawaii in the 1950s. Surfers gave their skateboards bigger wheels and longer decks to replicate surfing on land. This modification allowed surfers to enjoy street skateboarding on days when the weather was inclement, or the surf was too low. Today, longboarding called “sidewalk surfing.” The longboard became […]

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Helmets, Protective Gear

Best Longboard Helmet: Our Top 8 Picks Revealed

Research shows that longboarders are at a high risk of head fractures and traumatic brain injuries, unlike skateboarders. The reason attributed to this is because longboards help you achieve higher speeds than skateboards. Getting a quality helmet when experimenting with your board can help prevent these risks. However, you can now find helmets from various […]

Longboarding in 2018
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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Longboarding in 2018

Longboarding can be a fun and challenging sport that offers hours of fun and long-term benefits. Experienced riders frequently use longboards to navigate their way through cities, and other riders use them for tricks, and downhill fun. What Is Longboarding? A longboard is, in essence, a more extended version of a skateboard that serves as […]

Longboards for Experienced Riders
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The Top 5 Longboards for Experienced Riders

Longboards are a great form of transportation for experienced riders and advancing hardware technology offers more variety than ever before. Longboard designs and materials have evolved, and if you’re in the market for a new longboard, you’ll want to check out our top five picks. Longboards are mostly associated with cruising and used for commuting […]